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Author: James R. Alexander

Title: The Maturity of a Film Genre in an Era of Relaxing Standards of Obscenity

Subtitle: Takashi Ishii’s Freeze Me as a Rape-Revenge Film

Journal: Senses of Cinema

Volume: -

Issue: 36

Year: July-September 2005

Pages: -

ISSN: 1443-4059 – Find a Library: Open Access Journal

Language: English

Keywords: 20th Century | Japanese History | Representations: Films / Freeze Me


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Author: James R. Alexander, Department of Political Science, University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown

Abstract: »Understandably, the 'rape-revenge' scenario has been endlessly controversial, yet the cinema continues to replay it in different guises and contexts. This article charts the evolution of a genre, giving particular emphasis to the Japanese cinema's take on the theme.« (Source: Senses of Cinema)


  I. The emergence of the rape-revenge genre in contemporary film
    (a) The rape of an innocent or the rape of innocence?
    (b) The moral justification for retribution
  II. The rape-revenge genre in Japanese film
  III. The maturation of Japanese film

Wikipedia: Rape and revenge film: Freeze Me