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Author: Linda Martín Alcoff

Title: Sexual Violations and the Question of Experience

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Journal: New Literary History

Volume: 45

Issue: 3

Year: Summer 2014

Pages: 445-462

ISSN: 0028-6087 – Find a Library: WordCat | eISSN: 1080-661X – Find a Library: WordCat

Language: English



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Author: Linda M. Alcoff, Department of Philosophy, Hunter CollegeAuthor's Personal Website, Wikipedia

Abstract: »This paper explores the complications of naming and interpreting experiences of sexual violation that arise from the complexity of experience and the possibility of a discursive relativism. If our experiences are discursively and historically constituted, even in part, by the happenstance of the cultures we are born into, by what Foucault wonderfully called our historical a priori, how does this alter the epistemic status, and fruitfulness, of experience claims, and the epistemic authority of survivors? I argue that interpretive processes are usefully understood as occurring within a phenomenological context and as a practice of enacting affordances: in this way variability can be explained without obviating the special epistemic status of survivors.« (Source: New Literary History)


  Foucault (p. 450)
  Notes (p. 461)

Lecture: Alcoff, Linda M. »Sexual Violations and the Question of Experience.« 66th Annual Northwest Philosophy Conference. Ellensburg 2014.