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Authors: Shinkwon Ahn, Yunho Lee, and Kyungil Park

Title: Pre- and Post-War Life History of Sex Slave Victims by Imperial Japanese Army

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Journal: Life Science Journal - Acta Zhengzhou University Overseas Edition

Volume: 11

Issue: Special Issue 7

Year: July 25, 2014

Pages: 528-533

ISSN: 1097-8135 – Find a Library: WordCat | eISSN: 2372-613X – Find a Library: WordCat

Language: English

Keywords: Modern History: 20th Century | Asian History: Korean History | Types: Forced Prostitution / "Comfort Women"; Types: Wartime Rape / Asia-Pacific War


Link: Life Science Journal (Free Access)


Abstract: »This study attempts to investigate the pre- and post-war life history of the sex slaves by Imperial Japanese army, who were among the countless victims made during the Japanese colonial era, whose claims against the Japan wartime atrocity have yet to be resolved. With emphasis on the human rights violation cases therein and those regarding human rights restoration movement, the study aims to contribute to restoring the dignity of the victims. The study also attempts to expand the previous studies’ discussion of the subject matter and the victims’ oral testimony of their life experience such that a greater number of victims can be addressed. The sex slave victims by the Imperial Japanese army were drafted against their will to serve in the war waged by the then massive militaristic power Imperial Japan, thus becoming subject to utter stripping of their human rights. The victims had not only had to be forced into Imperial Japan’s wartime sex slavery but also had to face the cold shoulder and discrimination from Korean society after returning to their home. Even since the first such testimony about the Imperial Japanese atrocity as given by one of the victims, Ms. Kim Hak-Sun, on 14 August 1991, many more victims have followed in her footsteps and testified. Moreover, the Wednesday protests, i.e., the spontaneous weekly gathering by the victims, and their testimony in Korea and elsewhere around the world have begun to ensure that their basic human rights will be restored. As with the victims taking the initiative in the issue, this study investigates their lives, particularly focusing on their lives after starting to participate so actively in the social issue.« (Source: Life Science Journal)


  Abstract (p. 528)
  1. Introduction (p. 528)
  2. Methodology and Design (p. 529)
    2.1 Description of research methodology (p. 529)
    2.2 Interviewees: Research Participants (p. 529)
    2.3 Data collection method (p. 529)
  3. Results (p. 529)
  4. Conclusions (p. 532)
  References (p. 533)

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