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Author: Anna M. Agathangelou

Title: Nationalist Narratives and (Dis)Appearing Women

Subtitle: State-Sanctioned Sexual Violence

Journal: Canadian Woman Studies - Les cahiers de la femme

Volume: 19

Issue: 4

Year: 2000

Pages: 12-21

ISSN: 0713-3235 – Find a Library: WordCat

Language: English

Keywords: Modern History: 20th Century | Asian History: Turkish History; European History: Bosnian History, Croatian History, Cyprian History, Greek History | Types: Wartime Rape / Bosnian War, Cyprus Dispute


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Author: Anna M. Agathangelou, Department of Political Science, York


  Nationalism and women (p. 13)
  Feminist analyses of sexual violence in war (p. 17)
  Conclusion: a reframing and (re) envisioning of community (p. 19)
  References (p. 20)

Wikipedia: History of Asia: History of Turkey / History of the Republic of Turkey | History of Europe: History of Bosnia and Herzegovina; History of Croatia; History of Cyprus / History of Cyprus since 1878; History of Greece / History of modern Greece | Types of rape: Wartime sexual violence | War: Bosnian War / Rape during the Bosnian War; Cyprus dispute / 1974 Cypriot coup d'état, Turkish invasion of Cyprus