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Author: Gabriela Aceves

Title: "¿Cosas de Mujeres ?"

Subtitle: Feminist Networks of Collaboration in 1970s Mexico

Journal: Artelogie: Recherches sur les arts, le patrimoine et la littérature de l'Amérique Latine

Volume: -

Issue: 5

Year: 2013 (Published online: September 23, 2013)

Pages: 19 pages (PDF)

eISSN: 2115-6395 – Find a Library: Open Access Journal

Language: English

Keywords: Modern History: 20th Century | American History: Mexican History | Representations: Films / Rompiendo el Silencio


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Author: Gabriela Aceves-Sepulveda, School of Interactive Arts and Technology, Simon Fraser UniversityAuthor's Personal Website,

Abstract: »As second wave feminisms emerged throughout the world, diverse collectives and consciousness-raising groups were established in Mexico City as early as 1971. These activities gave rise to various networks of female artists who explored and politicized conceptions of the female body, making inroads in photography, performance, film and conceptual art. In this paper, I discuss the network established by Ana Victoria Jiménez, Rosa Martha Fernández and Mónica Mayer, who produced collaborative films and performances. Using gender as category of analysis, I discuss how their practices destabilized the patriarchal structures that governed art institutions in the city and defined parameters of art- making while simultaneously disrupting hegemonic visual conventions.« (Source: Artelogie)


  Introduction (p. 1)
  Context and definitions of politically committed art (p. 3)
  ¿Cosas de Mujeres ? Feminist collaborations in 1970s Mexico City (p. 6)
  Conclusion (p. 15)
  Acknowledgments (p. 16)
  Bibliography (p. 16)

Wikipedia: History of the Americas: History of Mexico | Film: Documentary film