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Author: Marcela Abadía

Title: Criminal Justice Policy through the Use of Indicators

Subtitle: The Case of Sexual Violence in the Armed Conflict in Colombia

Journal: International Law: Revista Colombiana de Derecho Internacional

Volume: -

Issue: 25

Year: July-December 2014 (Received: May 30, 2014, Accepted: June 30, 2014, Published online: September 30, 2014)

Pages: 17-52

ISSN: 1692-8156 – Find a Library: WordCat | eISSN: 2011-1703 – Find a Library: WordCat

Language: English

Keywords: Modern History: 21st Century | American History: Colombian History | Types: Wartime Rape / Colombian Conflict



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»The construction of indicators on sexual violence in the Colombian armed conflict result from the statement of the unconstitutional state of affairs issued by the Court in sentence T-025 of 2004 and especially in writ 092 of 2008 through which the Court decided to protect the rights of women who are victims of forced displacement caused by the armed conflict. This construction has been established as crucial for the guidelines of public criminal policy in the country. This process of constructing indicators has been characterized by an active participation of feminist ngos and by a collective construction process including the women's movements, the Constitutional Court and the Government.
This paper aims at illustrating how this way of constructing indicators, especially with the involvement of what I call punishment feminism, may have the potential to determine public criminal policies intended to guide the way the state should deal with sexual violence, even sexual violence that occurs outside the context of internal armed conflict. The discussion will be based on the idea of the indicator as a government technology and its use as a way to legitimize what has been named “new formal punitive control on sexual crimes.”« (Source: International Law)


  Abstract (p. 18)
  Resumen (p. 19)
  Introduction (p. 20)
  I. Criminal Policy, Sexual Violence, and the Rhetoric of Indicators (p. 23)
  II. Indicators and New Punitiveness (p. 34)
  Conclusions (p. 46)
  Bibliography (p. 48)
    Books (p. 48)
    Contributions in collective books (p. 48)
    Journals (p. 49)
    Working papers (p. 50)
    Documents, reports, thesis (p. 51)
    International treaties (p. 51)
    Colombian jurisprudence (p. 51)

Original: Abadía, Marcela. »Política criminal por medio del uso de indicadores: El caso de la violencia sexual en el conflicto armado colombiano.« International Law No. 25 (2014): 53-90. – Bibliographic Entry: Info

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