The Removal of The Moxie Man and his Return

This site is dedicated to the true history of the beverage moxie and the unsung heroes behind the soda.
We especially focus on the history of the famous "Moxie Man" who has appeared with the soda since it first originated.
The most recent development was initiated by Ryan Savage, who is currently the head of marketing for the Moxie Beverage Company.
The "Moxie Man" was removed from the official logo for brief period in 2010 because it was thought to give the beverage too much of an old fashioned feel. However, this brought an uproar of complaints from dedicated Moxie fans who have been in love with the beverage for decades. Ryan Savage is a name not often recognized, but he fought to have the "Moxie Man" put back on the labels in early 2011. Although sales did not suffer significantly for the period without him, most of the true Moxie fans are glad to see the return of the moxie man.