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This page is a work in progress.  It represents an attempt to identify people of interest in the history of biological rhythms studies and gather basic information about them.  If you do not have editing privileges but would like to suggest changes or additions to this page, please contact 

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In the "Relationships" column add information about who they worked with or how they are related to other key people. 
We have also started a relationship map which is located here:
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Allard, H.A. 1880-1963  United States Department of Agriculture naturalist W.W. Garner 
Aschoff, Jürgen  1913-1998 behavioral physiology Max Planck Institute for Behavioral Physiology  Rütger Wever 
Axelrod, Julius 1912-2004 pharmacology, neurochemistry    
Barinaga, Marcia    Science Magazine journalist for Science Magazine  
Barnwell, Frank  b. 1937 ecology, evolution, and behavior University of Minnesota   
Bittner, John 1904-1961 virology, cancer research University of Minnesota   
Brown, Frank A., Jr. 1934-1983 Physiology Northwestern University   
Bünning, Erwin  1906-1990 botany and plant physiology University of Tübingen   
Chandrashekaran, M.K. 1937-2009 chronobiology, zoology Madurai University Professor  
Chizhevskii, Aleksandr Leonidovich 1897-1964 heliobiology    
Cloudsley-Thompson, J.L.  b. 1921 zoology, desert ecology University of Khartoum   
Cooley, Denton       
Cornelissen, Germaine  b. 1949  University of Minnesota   
Czeisler, Charles A.   sleep medicine Harvard University   
Daan, Serge b. 1940  University of Groningen   
DeCoursey, Patricia    University of South Carolina Professor, Department of Biological Sciences  
Dement, William C.  b. 1928 sleep deprivation and disorders Stanford University Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Advisee of Nathaniel Kleitman, advisor of Charles Czeisler 
Dunlap, Jay   molecular basis of circadian rhythms Dartmouth University   
Folk, G. Edgar  b. 1914 hibernation, cold weather physiology University of Iowa Professor of Molecular Physiology   
Garner, W.W. 1875-1956    H.A. Allard 
Gooch, Van   circadian rhythms, neurospora research University of Minnesota-Morris   
Gwinner, Eberhard  1938-2004  Max Planck Institute for Ornithology  Gustav Kramer, Jürgen Aschoff 
Halberg, Franz  b. 1919 laboratory medicine and pathology, physiology, biology, bioengineering and oral medicine University of Minnesota   
Hastings, J. Woodland b. 1927 molecular and cellular biology Harvard University: Hastings Lab   
John Pauly      
Kay, Steven A.   genetics and circadian rhythms University of San Diego (UCSD)   
Kleitman, Nathaniel 1895-1999 sleep studies University of Chicago  William Dement 
Koukkari, Willard   plant biology University of Minnesota   
Kramer, Gustav 1910-1959  Max Planck Institute   
Kripke, Daniel  sleep apnea, depression University of California, San Diego   
Lewy, Alfred       
Menaker, Michael   circadian biology University of Virginia   
Moore, Robert Y.  b. 1931 neurology University of Pittsburgh   
Muller, James   cardiology Harvard University Physician  
Palmer, John b. 1932 circalunidian rhythms in marine organisms Woods Hole Laboratory   
Park, Orlando  1901-1969 entomology, ecology Northwestern University Professor  
Pauly, John      
Pfeffer, Wilhelm 1845-1920 botany    
Pittendrigh, Colin  1918-1996  Stanford University, previously at Princeton   
Ragotzkie, Robert  biometeorology University of Wisconsin   
Regal, Phil   ecology, evolution and behavior University of Minnesota   
Reinberg, Alain   started in endocrinology Paris? Physician  
Reiter, Russell   pineal gland, melatonin University of Texas, San Antonio Physician  
Richter, Curt 1894-1988 psychobiology Johns Hopkins   
Sargent, Fred  1920-1980 ecology, enviornmental quality University of Texas Physician, nutritionist  
Scheving, Lawrence       
Schmitt, Otto  1913-1998 biophysics and bioengineering University of Minnesota   
Smolensky, Michael  b. 1942 physiology University of Texas Medical Branch Houston   
Sollberger, Arne      
Sothern, Robert B.    University of Minnesota   
Stern, Kurt      Erwin Bünning, Rose Stoppel 
Stoppel, Rose  1874-1970 botany University of Hamburg Professor Erwin Bünning, Kurt Stern 
Sweeney, Beatrice 1914-1989 plant physiology, marine biology UC, Santa Barbara   
Takahashi, Joseph S.  b. 1951 circadian rhythms University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center   
Turek, Fred    Northwestern University   
Visscher, Maurice  1901-1983 physiology University of Minnesota  Franz Halberg, John Bittner 
von Frisch, Karl 1886-1982 zoology    
Wehr, Thomas b. 1941 psychiatry National Institute of Mental Health   
Wever, Rütger  d. 2010  Max Planck Institute for Behavioral Physiology  Jürgen Aschoff 
Wirz-Justice, Anna   psychiatric neurobiology University of Basel   
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