QV71 Queen Bint-Anath

Titles:  Hereditary Princess, the great first one (iryt-p`t-tpit-wrt), Lady of The Two Lands (nbt-t3wy), Great King’s Wife (hmt-niswt-wrt), Mistress of Upper and Lower Egypt (hnwt-Shm’w -mhw), King’s Daughter (s3t-niswt), King’s Sister (snt-niswt)

Lepius gives a short description of this tomb. In his list this is tomb number 4. The tomb of   .
In the back room on the left Bint-Anath appears before the god
The name of the Queen is written in slightly different ways:

(Thanks to Aset for creating these glyphs for me!)

Her titles include: King's Daughter (s3t-niswt), Great King's Wife (hmt-niswt-wrt), Lady of the Two Lands (nbt-t3wy) and Mistress of the Two Lands. In a side chamber on the left the god Hor-An-Mutef appears dressed as a royal prince.
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a. Princess before Osiris and Nephtys

Osiris, Lady of Both Lands, Bint-Anath, justified
"He who awakes well', the great god, Lord of Heaven, Ruler of the Conclave of Gods: "I grant you a place of repose in the land of righteousness."
Osiris, King's Daughter Bint-Anath, justified
Nephtys, lady of heaven, Mistress of the Two Lands: "I grant you a place [...]."
B. Variant Titles of Princess
Osiris, Great Royal Wife, Lady of Both Lands, Mistress of the South and North, Bint-Anath

Osiris, King's Daughter, Great Royal Wife, Lady of Both Lands, Bint-Anath


Queen Bintanath and her daughter. 
FroDemas, Martha, and Neville Agnew, eds. 2012. 

C. Queen and Daughter.
Osiris, Great Royal Wife, Lady of Both Lands, Mistress of the South and North, Bint-Anath
Bodily King's Daughter <name omitted> [ Kitchen] Inner sarcophagus (Cairo Museum JdE 47370)
Lid, center-line :
Words spoken by the Osiris, King's Daughter Bint-Anath, He (sic) days: "Descend, O my mother Nut, spread yourself over me, and may I be place amidst the Imperishable Stars; not shall die ,the Osiris etc.>
Round Foot:
The Osiris, Hereditary Princess, greatly favored, Chief of the Harim, King's Daughter Bint-Anath
On Side:
The Osiris, King's Wife, King's Daughter, Bint-Anath
<Sarcophagus usurped from a man>
[ Kitchen]

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