Schaber's Cafeteria

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Los Angeles, CA  90014

Opened: 1928 as Schaber's Cafeteria.

Charles F. Plummer

The facade still looks great. Figaro Bistro opened in the building in December 2012 after a $2 million makeover.  Sadly, they closed in 2014.

More photos and information:

DTLA Rising - Brigham Yen's December 2012 story about the opening of Figaro Bistro.

Los Angeles Public Library -  c.1940 facade view  |   north on Broadway c. 1937 - Herman Schultheis  |  1930s? exterior -- looking north to Desmond's  |  c.1928 facade view  |

McLaughlin, von Coelln & extended familyhistory of Schaber's

You Are Here - facade photo 

Elizabeth Fuller -- interior postcard

     USC Archives

A great view looking south on Broadway.
It's an undated shot from the Dick
Whittington Studio. Possibly it's 1939.
 full size view 

It's Desmond's on the left (with the flag),
Schaber's Cafeteria and then the
 Palace Theatre building.

A look at the facade as it's getting
painted to reopen as Les Noces du Figaro.

photo: Hunter Kerhart - 2012

That's the Palace Theatre off to the right.

A view of the Schaber's Cafeteria building in 2010.

photo: Bill Counter

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