Documentaries (Watch them online!)

The War in Iraq & Afghanistan

  • Bush's War (Excellent PBS Documentary analyzing the Bush Administration motivations in the Iraq War)
  • Bad Voodoo's War (The realities of the war in Iraq - pretty graphic)

The Rise of Nazi Germany

  • The History Channel is currently showing a fabulous documentary on the rise and fall of the Third Reich.  It's called "The Third Reich:  Rise and Fall".  Unfortunately, it won't be available for purchase until April, so I can't show it to you.  But if you get the History Channel, you should see if you can catch it.

The Holocaust

  • Memory of the Camps (Fascinating, amazing, brutal documentary about the liberation of death camps towards the end of the Holocaust.  Consists of footage that was stored in a vault until 1985.  You can watch it for free at the link above but beware.  It was shown on public television, but it's incredibly graphic.)


  • Awesome School Videos from the 1940s, 1950s & 1960s (This is the ink to that YouTube guy from whom I got the "How To Be Popular" video.  He's got a great collection of other made-for-school video clips from the days of yore.  There are a lot of funny ones on capitalism, personal health habits, and how to throw a good party!)
  • Simpsons Assembly Line (A recent and somewhat controversial Simspsons intro simulating an assembly line manufacturing Simpsons DVDs.  Thanks to Katrina Bernales for this find.  Nice job!)
  • Tim Knoll:  BMX guy who does really cool tricks.  You will be entertained!
  • Danny Macaskill:  Another fantastic "urban cycler".

Radio (Listen to these online, download to an iPod, etc.!)


Health Care

  • Health Care Reform (Great interview with a Dr. on the history of health care reform, including the passage of Medicare int he 1960s. Puts the current health care reform debate into an interesting context.)


  • This American Life (One of my favorite things ever.  Every week they pick a theme (i.e. Fear of sleep; break-up songs; Corruption in Haiti; Living "off the grid") and present a series of stories about that theme.  It's MUCH better than it sounds.  They have TONS of stores.  Give it a shot!)  Some of my favorite stories:
    • Kid Politics (Awesome recommendation from Miss Gabi Dahlin.  Stories about kids who make decisions and are put into situations that adults usually deal with - and screw up.)
    • John Smith (A set of stories about guys with the actual name "John Smith").
    • NUMMI (Story about a car factory in Fremont that could have saved the American car industry.  Really great, especially if you're interested in why American cars historically pale in comparison to Japanese-made cars.)
    • The Giant Pool of Money (In depth explanation of what caused the crappy economic situation that we're in right now.)
    • Babysitting
    • In Dog We Trust (Stories of pets!)

Study Help, Learning, College, Etc.

Interesting Websites

Funny, Silly, Or Otherwise Worth Your While

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