Best Sites and Apps for Teachers

Best Sites and Apps for Teachers

by Eric Langhorst

In this presentation Eric will share 50 websites and apps which can help teachers be more creative, more efficient and globally connected.

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Evernote - record notes, audio, websites from almost any device

Dropbox - store files in the cloud and move from one device to another

Today's Meet - create a way for participants to comment on an event

When Send - send an e-mail in the future

Online Stopwatch - easy to use stopwatch for classroom use

Easy Prompter - great tool to use with students who need a teleprompter for a class project

DaFont - find great free fonts to update your documents

Scribble Maps - create online maps with your own notes and annotations

QR Generator - create QR codes easily for e-mails, websites, etc.

Measuring Worth - online calculator for determining comparisons of worth for different time periods

Cagle Post Editorial Cartoons - large collection of editorial cartoons on current events, site includes a teacher's guide

Newseum's Today's Front Pages - copies of newspaper front pages from all over the world

Zip Skinny - application which allows you to gather a large amount of data about a specific zip code area - a collection of infographics on a vast variety of topics

Pixel of Ink - website which shares free e-books for the Kindle, refreshed several times a day

My Script Font - create a font with your own handwriting

Snopes - is it too good to be true? urban legend? check this site to find out the truth

Block Posters - create large posters from any image

Classroom Organizer - organize your library book collection and keep track as students check them out


Animoto - create a video from video clips or still pictures, teachers can apply for an educator account

CNN Student News - daily updated 10 minutes news program, additional resources available for teachers

YouTube Education - special You Tube channel for education

TED ed - great video to supplement or flip lessons, engaging and fresh

Teaching Channel - wealth of resources and video on best practices in teaching

American Experience PBS - collection of full length videos and lesson plans to accompany diverse documentaries

The Living Room Candidate - amazing collection of historical and current presidential campaign ads on video, many accompanying resources


Old Radio World - collection of MP3 files from the glory days of radio, includes dramas, music, ads, etc.

National Jukebox - Library of Congress collection of historic audio files

Free Play Music - a vast collection of quality sound files

American Rhetoric - audio and text from some of the most important speeches in American history


EDSITEment - high quality collection of the best resources available to teachers

New York Times Learning Network - daily updated site with detailed lesson plans based on current events

Docs Teach - use ready made lessons from the National Archives or create your own using primary resources

Smithsonian History Explorer - search a huge collection of lesson plans and interactive sites from the Smithsonian

Google Lit Trips - use Google Earth to help teach a wide variety of novels and books

The Digital Vaults - research items from the National Archives in an interactive format


Mission US - interactive simulation for students based on Boston in the years leading up to the Revolutionary War

iCivics - a wide variety of high quality games to teach civics, includes a presidential election game

Meriwether Game - an interactive game set to debut in fall of 2013 on the Corps of Discovery

Which Founder Are You? - answer a series of questions to see which founding father best matches you

Monticello Interactive Tour - visit the home of Thomas Jefferson with this high tech virtual tour

iPad Apps

Dragon Dictation - just speak and this app translates it into text

Zite - sort of like Pandora for news, it will find the stories which interest you and learn your likes

Trading Cards - use this app to create stylish custom trading cards

Today's Document - learn about important documents from our nation's history each day

Story Press - easily record and organize your own stories in a family history format

270 to Win - interactive app to learn more about the electoral process and access to historical election data

Frame Magic - easy way to create a wide variety of collages from your pictures

Snapseed - a powerful photo editor from the folks at Google

360 Panorama - take beautiful panoramic pictures 

Photosynth - another app which allows you to create panoramic pictures