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  • History (formerly known as The History Channel) was an Indian television channel with shows on historical events and people.
  • November 23, 2004 video documentary. "Heaven on Earth: Islam." Producer/director, Stephen Rooke. Scriptwriter/host: Christy Kenneally.
  • Each of the separate installments into which a serialized story or radio or television program is divided
  • (episode) a happening that is distinctive in a series of related events
  • A finite period in which someone is affected by a specified illness
  • (episode) a part of a broadcast serial
  • An event or a group of events occurring as part of a larger sequence; an incident or period considered in isolation
  • (episode) a brief section of a literary or dramatic work that forms part of a connected series
  • Containing or holding as much or as many as possible; having no empty space
  • Containing or holding much or many; having a large number of
  • containing as much or as many as is possible or normal; "a full glass"; "a sky full of stars"; "a full life"; "the auditorium was full to overflowing"
  • beat for the purpose of cleaning and thickening; "full the cloth"
  • Having eaten or drunk to one's limits or satisfaction
  • full moon: the time when the Moon is fully illuminated; "the moon is at the full"
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The History Channel Presents The Presidents
The History Channel Presents The Presidents
THE PRESIDENTS is an unprecedented eight-part survey of the personal lives and legacies of the remarkable men who have presided over the Oval Office. From George Washington to George W. Bush, THE PRESIDENTS gathers together vivid snapshots of all 43 Commanders in Chief who have guided America throughout its history--their powerful personalities, weaknesses, and major achievements or historical insignificance. Based on the book To the Best of My Ability, edited by Pulitzer Prize-winner James McPherson, THE PRESIDENTS features rare and unseen photographs and footage, unexpected insight and trivia from journalists, scholars, and politicians such as Walter Cronkite, David Brinkley, Wesley Clark, Bob Dole, and former President Jimmy Carter. Viewed within the changing contexts of each administration, the Presidency has never seemed more compelling and human. Narrated by Edward Herrmann (The Aviator), this three-DVD set is a proud addition to the award-winning documentary tradition of THE HISTORY CHANNELĀ®. DVD Features: Feature-length Bonus Program "All The Presidents' Wives"; Timeline of U.S. Presidents; Interactive Menus; Scene Selection

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The Dark Ages (The History Channel)
Join THE HISTORY CHANNELĀ® on an unforgettable voyage through one of the most desolate periods in human history as the rulers conflicts and cataclysmic societal breakdown of THE DARK AGES are brought to light.At its height in the second century A.D. the Roman Empire was the beacon of learning trade power and prosperity in the western world. But the once-powerful Rome--rotten to the core by the fifth century--lay open to barbarian warriors who came in wave after wave of invasion slaughtering stealing and ultimately settling. As chaos replaced culture Europe was beset by famine plague persecutions and a state of war that was so persistent it was only rarely interrupted by peace. THE DARK AGES profiles those who battled to shape the future from the warlords whose armies threatened to case the demise of European society like Alaric Charles the Hammer and Clovis; to the men and women who valiantly tended the flames of justice knowledge and innovation including Charlemagne St. Benedict Empress Theodora and other brave souls who fought for peace and enlightenment. It was in the shadows of this turbulent millennium that the seeds of modern civilization were sown.Special Feature-length Documentary The Plague ; Featurette History in the Making: The Dark Ages Runtime: 94 minsFormat: DVD MOVIE Genre: DOCUMENTARIES/MISC. UPC: 733961772104 Manufacturer No: AAE-77210