Do your children know that holidays are about more than sales, shopping, parades, fireworks, and overeating?  Do you know the origin and significance of each holiday?  Have you considered combining history lessons and lessons about holidays?

   Note:  In the same way that the date for Easter changes each year, the dates for Chinese New Year and all of the Jewish holidays also change. 























































































































General Books About Holidays:

   Holiday!  Celebration Days Around the World by Deborah Chancellor (Dorling Kindersley Readers)

   Big Book of Holidays and Holy Days by Jeanett Dall

New Year's Day:

Read-About Holidays:  New Year's Day by David F. Marx


Chinese New Year:

   Read-About Holidays:  Chinese New Year by David F. Marx

   Celebrating Chinese New Year by Diane Hoyt-Goldsmith

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day:

   Martin's Big Words: The Life of Martin Luther King by Doreen Rappaport

   I Have a Dream by Kathleen Wilson (ISBN 9780590205177)

   Martin Luther King, Jr.:  Young Man With a Dream by Dharathula H. Millender

   The Story of Martin Luther King, Jr. by Johnny Ray Moore

   Martin Luther King and the March on Washington by Frances E. Ruffin

   A Picture Book of Martin Luther King, Jr. by David A. Adler

   Happy Birthday, Martin Luther King by Jean Marzollo

Groundhog Day:

   Read-About Holidays:  Groundhog Day by Michelle Aki Becker

   The Groundhog Day Book of Facts and Fun by Wendie Old

Valentine's Day:

   Hearts, Cupids, and Red Roses:  The Story of the Valentine Symbols by Edna Barth

   The Legend of the Valentine by Katherine Grace Bond


Presidents' Days:

   Read-About Holidays:  Presidents' Day by David F. Marx

   So You Want to Be President? by Judith St. George and David Small


Read-About Holidays:  Purim by Carmen Bredeson

   Purim by Miriam Nerlove

   Sammy Spider's First Purim by Sylvia A. Rouss

   The Mystery Bear:  A Purim Story by Leone Adelson

St. Patrick's Day:

Read-About Holidays:  St. Patrick's Day by Carmen Bredson

   Shamrocks, Harps, and Shillelaghs:  The Story of the St. Patrick's Day Symbols by Edna Barth

   The St. Patrick's Day Shillelagh by Janet Nolan


Read-About Holidays:  Passover by David F. Marx

   A World of Holidays:  Passover by David Rose and Gill Rose

   The Four Questions by Ori Sherman and Lynne Sharon Schwartz


   Lilies, Rabbits, and Painted Eggs:  The Story of the Easter Symbols by Edna Barth

   A World of Holidays:  Easter by Catherine Chambers

   The Legend of the Easter Egg by Lori Walburg

Arbor Day:

   Read-About Holidays:  Arbor Day by Kelly Bennett


Mother's Day:

A Little Book of Thanks for Mom by Joyce Vollmer Brown

   The Mother's Day Mice by Eve Bunting

   Just Like Mama by Beverly Lewis

Memorial Day (Decoration Day):

   Read-About Holidays:  Memorial Day by Jacqueline S. Cotton


Flag Day:

   Read-About Holidays:  Flag Day by Kelly Bennett

   Holiday Histories:  Flag Day by Mir Tamim Ansary

   You're a Grand Old Flag by George M. Cohan

   Stars and Stripes Forever:  The History of Our Flag edited by John Winthrop Adams


Father's Day:

   A Perfect Father's Day by Eve Bunting

Independence Day:

   Read-About Holidays:  Independence Day by Trudi Strain Trueit

   The 4th of July Story by Alice Dalgliesh

   Fireworks, Picnics, and Flags:  The Story of the Fourth of July Symbols by James Cross Giblin

Labor Day: 

   Read-About Holidays: Labor Day by Carmen Bredson


Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur:

   Read-About Holidays:  Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur by David E. Marx

   Sound the Shofar:  The Story and Meaning of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur by Miriam Chailin

Columbus Day:

   Christopher Columbus by Stephen Krensky (Step Into Reading)

   Columbus by Ingri and Edgar Parin D'Aulaire

Sukkot & Simhat Torah:

   Celebrate:  A Book of Jewish Holidays by Judith Gross



   Read-About Holidays:  Halloween by Trudi Strain Trueit

   Witches, Pumpkins, and Grinning Ghosts:  The Story of the Hallowen Symbols by Edna Barth

   A World of Holidays:  All Saints, All Souls, and Halloween by Catherine Chambers

   The Mystery of Mineral Gorge by Julia Van Nutt (Halloween calls for a scary story.

Veterans' Day:

   Read-About Holidays:  Veterans' Day by Jacqueline S. Cotton    



   Thanksgiving on Thursday by Mary Pope Osborne

   Pilgrims:  A Nonfiction Companion to Thanksgiving on Thursday by Mary Pope Osborne and Natalie Pope Boyce

   If You Were At The First Thanksgiving by Anne Kamma

   Squanto and the Miracle of Thanksgiving by Eric Metaxas

   Turkeys, Pilgrims, and Indian Corn:  The Story of Thanksgiving Symbols by Edna Barth


   Read-About Holidays:  Chanukah by Trudi Strain Trueit

   A World of Holidays:  Hanukkah by Anne Clark, David Rose, and Gill Rose


   The Littlest Angel by Charles Tazewell.  If you want your children to understand the true meaning of Christmas, this is the book for you.  The movie, made quite a long time ago, starred Johnny Whitaker as the littlest angel and Fred Gwynne as his mentor angel.  Johnny Whitaker also starred as Jody (Mr. French, Jody, Buffy, Cissy).  Fred Gwynne is best known for the role of Herman Munster.

   A Charlie Brown Christmas by Charles M. Schulz

   The Legend of the Christmas Stocking by Rick Osborne

   The Legend of the Christmas Tree by Rick Osborne

   The Legend of the Candy Cane by Lori Walburg

   The Stable Rat and Other Christmas Poems by Julia Cunningham

   Saint Francis and the Christmas Donkey by Robert Byrd

   The Twelve Days of Christmas illustrated by Ilse Plume

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