George Alfred Henty's Historical Fiction

For those of you unfamiliar with George Alfred Henty, he lived during the reign of Queen Victoria and wrote historical fiction for his own sons. His books are particularly appealing to boys, but many girls enjoy them as well.




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1250 B.C. The Cat of Bubastes - A young Rebu prince, Amuba, is captured during a war with Egypt and becomes a slave in the house of the Egyptian high priest. This story tells us much about life in ancient Egypt.

220 B.C. The Young Carthaginian - During the Punic Wars, Hannibal, a skilled general, crossed the Alps using elephants and defeated the Romans at Trebia, Lake Trasimenus, and Cannae. Malchus, a Carthaginian aristocrat, has reasons to leave Carthage and go with Hannibal in this tale of adventure.

61 A.D. Beric the Briton - Beric is a boy in a small British tribe who participates in a fight against the Roman conquerors. He is captured, taken to Rome, and trained as a gladiator. He becomes famous when he defeats a lion in the coliseum. Eventually, he becomes Nero's bodyguard and librarian.

70 A.D. For the Temple - From the Jewish historian Flavius Josephus, this is the story of the fall of Jerusalem. Henty describes the political, religious, and cultural differences between the Jews and the Romans. The temple of Solomon is destroyed and the Jews persecuted and killed during the rule of Emperor Titus.


870 The Dragon and the Raven - A Saxon, named Edmund, joins the English King Alfred against the Danes on land and at sea. During bad weather, his ship, The Dragon, is carried to the Norwegian shore, where he defeats the Viking, Sweyn. Edmund also takes part in the siege of Paris on behalf of the Franks.

1066 Wulf the Saxon - This is a tale of the conquest of King Harold and Saxon England by William of Normandy. Wulf joins Earl Harold and when Harold becomes king, Wulf joins in the Welsh Wars and fights the Norsemen. Wulf is with Harold when the King is killed at the Battle of Hastings.

1190 Winning His Spurs - Cuthbert de Lance is Norman on his father's side and Saxon on his mother's side. He joins King Richard the Lion-Hearted as a page on the Third Crusade to the Holy Land. The Pope has promised forgiveness of sins for those who die attempting to retake Jerusalem from the Muslims. Cuthbert proves he is resourceful and valiant.

1314 In Freedom's Cause - In 1296, Edward I conquered the Scottish army of John Baliol and proclaimed himself King of Scotland as well as England. Archibald Forbes joins Sir William Wallace and Robert the Bruce to fight for Scottish Independence in a tale of incredible valor. (It's much better than the movie starring Mel Gibson.)

1340 St. George for England - This story is set at the beginning of the Hundred Years War with France. Walter Somers is an orphan who is raised by a blacksmith who teaches him how to use a sword. After Walter meets the Prince of Wales, he joins in the invasion of Brittany and Flanders. He survives the Black Death and the Battle of Poitiers. Eventually, he marries a girl he rescues from pirates.

1380 The Lion of St. Mark - Francis Hammond is the son of an English merchant in Venice. He shows himself to be adventurous and courageous in the face of danger.

1381 A March on London - The poll tax caused a widespread rebellion among the peasants. Wat Tyler of Kent was a leader in this uprising against London. Edgar Ormskirk is the son of a scholar and scientist. Rather than following his father's path, Edgar moves to London. He saves a wealthy merchant during the rebellion.

1400 Both Sides of the Border - During the reign of King Henry IV, Oswald Forster, son of a border chieftain, becomes squire to young Harry the Hotspur. He joins in Owen Glendower's rebellion in Wales and helps the Welsh leader's daughters to escape. He is knighted for his actions in Scotland and is with Hotspur at the Battle of Shrewsbury.

1415 At Agincourt - This is the story of the White Hoods of Paris during the reign of King Henry V. Guy Aylmer is an English squire who faces many problems in France.

1480 A Knight of the White Cross - This tale starts during the War of the Roses in England. The hero Gervase Trentham joins the Knights of St. John in Rhodes. Gervase is dedicated to serving God. When he discovers a plot, he is able to save the coast of Italy from the Muslim corsairs.


1519 By Right of Conquest - This is the story of the conquest of the Aztec Empire by Hernando Cortez. Roger Hawkshaw is a shipwrecked Englishman. He has quite an ability with languages which comes in handy in dealing with the native people he encounters. Eventually, Hawkshaw joins up with Cortez.

1570 St. Bartholomew's Eve - This is a story of the Huguenot Wars. Thousands of French Calvinists or Huguenots were killed while others fled to other European countries or the American colonies.

1579 By Pike and Dyke - Protestant Netherlands fought against the Duke of Alva and Phillip II's Spanish armies. Edward Martin is an English boy in the household of William the Silent. Edward volunteers to serve the Prince through many dangerous missions.

1580 Under Drake's Flag - Ned Hearn sets sail with Sir Francis Drake aboard The Golden Hind to spend three years circumnavigating the world. They raid Spanish ships, lead a slave rebellion, and encounter the Spanish Inquisition.

1588 By England's Aid - England assists the Low Countries (Netherlands) in their fight for Independence.


1630 The Lion of the North - This is the story of Gustavus Adolphus, Swedish King, and the Thirty Years War which began in Bohemia with the Protestant revolt against the Roman Catholic Church. Adolphus was a great military leader.

1640 Won by the Sword - This is another tale of the Thirty Years War. Hector Campbell is an orphaned son of a Scottish officer in the French army. An important character in this book is Cardinal Richelieu who served King Louis XIII.

1650 Friends Though Divided - This is about the English Civil War. The Puritans sided with Parliament in their desire for reformation of the English Church. Charles Stuart is defeated and beheaded for treason. Oliver Cromwell and Parliament then rule until Charles II returns from exile in 1660.

1666 When London Burned - The Great Plague of 1665 was known as the Black Death. A year later, a fire destroyed much of London. Some considered these events to be evidence of God's wrath.

1669 In the Hands of the Malays

1690 Orange and Green - William of Orange took the throne of England in 1688. Protestant John Whitefoot and Catholic Walter Davenant are best friends, but find themselves on opposite sides at Londonderry, the Battle of Boyne, and other fights.

1700 A Jacobite Exile - After two unsuccessful rebellions, Charlie Carstairs, a Jacobite, flees North Lancashire and goes to Sweden. During his adventures he meets both Swedish King Charles XII and Russian Czar Peter the Great.

1701 The Cornet of Horse - England joined the Alliance against France in the Wars of Spanish Succession. The Wars continued for 12 years and were fought in Spain, Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands. General Sir John Churchill of Marlborough was a great military commander and led his English forces in the Netherlands. Rupert Holiday flees England and joins the Duke of Marlborough's forces in the Low Countries.

1705 The Bravest of the Brave - Charles Mordaunt, Earl of Peterborough was an admiral, general, diplomat and ambassador. He led English forces during the War of Spanish Succession and captured Barcelona. Jack Stilwell, an orphan, is turned over to a press gang by his uncle. He is sent to Spain to join Peterborough and becomes aide-de-camp to the general. He also serves under Marlborough.

1710 In the Irish Brigade - Before 1775, Catholics were not allowed in the English army. Many Irish Catholics instead served in the French army in battles all over Europe. Desmond Kennedy joins O'Brien's Irish Brigade serving Louis XIV. This is a story of War in Flanders and Spain.

1745 Bonnie Prince Charlie - Prince Charles was the son of the exiled heir to the throne of James II. The Scottish followers of Prince Charles were called Jacobites. Ronald Leslie joins the rebellion in France and later fights in Scotland. This is the story of the Battles of Fontenoy and Culloden.


1759 With Wolfe in Canada - During the French and Indian War, General Wolfe finally defeated the French in Quebec. James Walsham of Sidmouth endures a series of misfortunes. Eventually, he joins Wolfe's forces and fights the General Montcalm's French army in the Battle on the Plains of Abraham.

1760 With Frederick the Great - Frederick the Great took Prussia to power through determination and military knowledge. During the Seven Years War, Prussia joined an alliance against France, Austria, and Russia. Fergus Drummond, a Scot who backed the Stuarts, joins Frederick II. He proves himself many times over.

1776 True to the Old Flag - This is the story of the American Revolution. However, it is told from the British perspective. Included are: The Battles of Lexington and Concord, Bunker Hill, The Declaration of Independence, Washington's Christmas Eve crossing of the Delaware, and the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown.

1780 Held Fast for England - France and Spain have joined forces on land and at sea to fight England. Bob Repton is sent by his guardian uncle to his sister's family in Gibralter. When the combined forces attack The Rock, Bob proves his worth.

1786 With Clive in India - Robert Clive helps to make India the crown jewel in the British empire. Charlie Marryeat travels to India as a writer working for the East India Company. In India, he meets up with Clive.


1793 In the Reign of Terror - The French Revolution began with the storming of the Bastille on July 14, 1789. Harry Sandwich is a companion to the boys of a French aristocratic family and leaves England to join them. During the Reign of Terror, the property of nobles was seized and many were sent to the guillotine. As the Terror of the Revolution threatens the family, Harry protects the daughters of the house.

1795 By Conduct and Courage - Will Gilmore grew up in a Yorkshire fishing village and enters the navy as ship's boy. After action against the French he is promoted to midshipman. He also serves in the West Indies chasing pirates. During his career, he is captured and escapes three times. Finally, he is in an adventure with Lord Nelson.

1795 No Surrender - The Vendee region of the French Province of Poitou rebells after the attempted destruction of their church by the Revolution. For 18 months, the troops of Vendee fought the forces of the Republic and never surrendered. Leigh Stansfield, an English boy, becomes part of the conflict when visiting his sister who is married to a French sea captain. Leigh's sister is condemned to the guillotine and he sets out to save her.

1795 A Roving Commission - A British midshipman, Ned Glover, stationed in the West Indies rescues the daughter of a French plantation owner in Haiti. When the slaves of Haiti rebel against the French, Ned helps the girl's family to escape.

1795 The Tiger of Mysore - Dick Holland, son of a sea captain grows up in England, but goes to India to look for his father who is thought to be held in prison by the sultanate of Mysore, Tipoo Sahib. While there he rescues an English girl who is a slave in the palace as well as his father. Dick is present during an assault on the palace and the death of the villanous sultanate.

1798 At Aboukir and Acre - Edgar Blagrove joins a Bedouin tribe and fights against the French in Cairo and at Acre. He is present at the battle at Aboukir and then joins the Royal Navy as a midshipman. He is made interpreter to the commander. Later, he returns to the family business in Alexandria.

1800 At the Point of the Bayonet - Harry Lindsay's parents, a British officer and his wife, were murdered. The baby was taken away by a faithful ayah and raised as an Indian. Because he is able to speak the Mahratta language, he is given special assignments after he joins the army. He is involved in the succession of Singapore and later adventures in the Sea of Bengal. He is also present at the Battle of Maharajapore.

1800 Condemned as a Nihilist

1807 Through the Fray

1808 With Moore at Corunna

1810 The Young Buglers - Tom and Peter Scudamore leave school after the death of their father. They stay only a short time with relatives and then run away to enlist. They are sent to Portugal and Wellesley's army. They are involved in many battles on the Peninsula.

1810 Under Wellington's Command - Terrence O'Connor, a colonel, is captured at Talavera, but escapes. He manages to cross France and rejoin his Portuguese irregulars, the Minho Regiment. He protects Spanish noblemen in the fall of Ciudad Rodrigo and loses a leg in the Battle of Salamanca. He retires because of his injury and weds his Irish cousin, Mary.

1812 Through the Russian Snows - Frank and Julian Wright are brothers from Weymouth. Julian is taken by smugglers to France and lands in prison. He is offered the chance to fight for France in Germany. He is in battles at Smolensk and Borodino and endures the retreat from Moscow. During this retreat he rescues the child of a Russian nobleman and is rewarded. Meanwhile, Frank gets a commission in the English army, learns Russian, fights a duel, and is sent to Russia as aide to Sir Robert Wilson. The brothers meet in St. Petersburg and eventually return to England.


1820 With Cochrane the Dauntless

1824 On the Irrawaddy

1832 In the Hands of the Cave Dwellers

1833 The Treasure of the Incas

1835 With the British Legion

1840 To Herat and Cabul


1850 Through the Sikh War

1851 Out on the Pampas

1854 Jack Archer

1856 In Times of Peril

1861 With Lee in Virginia - Vincent Wingfield is the teenage son of a widowed plantation owner during the American Civil War. However, this time the story of the war is told from a European perspective.

1861 In the Heart of the Rockies

1865 Out with Garibaldi

1867 The March to Magdala

1870 Maori and Settler

1870 The Young Franc-Tireurs

1873 By Sheer Pluck

1873 The March to Coomasie

1878 For Name and Fame

1880 The Young Colonists

1885 The Dash for Khartoum - Rupert and Edgar Clinton were raised as brothers by a well-off infantry captain. Edgar leaves to join the army because he believes he was adopted. He becomes a trumpeter in a regiment in Egypt headed to Khartoum to relieve Gordon. Rupert also joined the army and is in Egypt. Edgar is in a column crossing the desert and is soon captured by a Kaffir. Rupert fights the Mahdi's men from a ship on the Nile while the rescue of Gordon continues. Edgar escapes and the brothers are reunited.

1888 Sturdy and Strong

1896 Through Three Campaigns - Lisle Bullen was orphaned when his father is killed in battle in India. After enlisting, he fights at Chitral fort and in Tirah. He is the only Henty hero who wins the DSO and the Victoria Cross.

1898 With Kitchner in the Soudan - Gregory Hilliard is a sixteen year old who lives with his widowed mother. Her soldier husband disappeared on an expedition to Khartoum. Gregory is with Kitchener in the effort to defeat the Khalifa and helps in the win against the Mahdists at Abara as well as their defeat at Omdurman. He finds out that his father did not die in the Hicks Pasha massacre, but escaped to Khartoum to die with Gordon.

1899 With Buller in Natal - Chris King of Johannesburg leads a band of scouts for Buller. He and his men approach the Boer camps and spy on the enemies. He is in the battle at Colenso, gets wounded, is captured, escapes, and involved in the fight at Spion Kop. He is also at Ladysmith.

1900 With the Allies to Pekin - Rex Bateman, son of an English merchant at Tientsin, rescues two cousins whose missionary parents have been killed. He takes them to Peking where about 500 westerners are trying to survive until help arrives.


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