You will find below a list of notable individuals who should be familiar to all students. There are scientists, inventors, explorers, rulers of countries, authors, military heroes, and more. If there are any names on this list which you can not identify perhaps you will seek out a biography of that individual. Note: Artists and Musicians are not listed since there is information about them at my other site under the postings Art Education and Music Education. 




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Abigail Adams - Wife of John Adams, 2nd President

Abraham Lincoln - 16th President

Adolf Hitler - Responsible for the deaths of many Jews, Catholics, Polish, and others

Alexander Graham Bell - Interested in the education of the deaf, Invented the telephone

Alexander the Great - Military leader and conqueror

Albert Einstein - Physicist

Alexander Hamilton -

Amelia Earhart - Pilot

Andrew Jackson - Military leader during War of 1812, 7th President

Andrew Johnson - 17th President

Anne Boleyn - One wife of Henry VIII

Anne Frank - Jewish child who wrote an autobiography of her days in hiding during WWII

Annie Oakley - Character of the Wild West

Benedict Arnold - Traitor to America during the Revolutionary War

Benjamin Franklin - Writer, Publisher, Diplomat, Inventor, 1st Postmaster of the United States

Benjamin Harrison - President

Bessie Coleman - Black female pilot

Betsy Ross - Believed to have sewn American flag

Booker T. Washington - Black Scientist

Brigham Young - Mormon leader and pioneer

Buffalo Bill - Character of the Wild West

Caesar Rodney - One of the Founding Fathers

Calamity Jane - Character of the Wild West

Calvin Coolidge - President

Captain Cook - Explorer

Charles Darwin - Author of Theory of Natural Selection (Evolution)

Charles Dickens - British author of A Tale of Two Cities, Oliver Twist, Great Expectations, David Copperfield, and A Christmas Carol

Charles Lindbergh - Pilot

Charlotte Bronte - Author of Jane Eyre

Chester Arthur - President

Christopher Columbus - Explorer

Clara Barton - Nurse during the Civil War, credited with starting the Red Cross

Cleopatra - Ruler of Egypt

Confucius - Religious leader

Crazy Horse - Native American leader

C. S. Lewis - Author of Chronicles of Narnia

Czar Alexander (The Last Czar of Russia)

Czar Peter the Great of Russia - Credited with trying to modernize Russia

Czarina Catherine the Great of Russia

Daniel Boone - Explorer

Daniel Webster - Author

Davy Crockett - Explorer, Died at the Alamo

Douglas MacArthur - Military leader during WWII

Dwight D. Eisenhower - General during WWII, President

Edmund Hillary - Explorer, 1st to the top of Mount Everest

Eleanor Roosevelt - Wife of Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Eli Whitney - Inventor of the Cotton Gin

Elizabeth Blackwell - One of the 1st Female Physicians

Emily Bronte - Author of Wuthering Heights

Emily Dickinson - Author of poetry

Ethan Allen - Military leader during the American Revolution

Florence Nightingale - Nurse during the Crimean War

Sir Francis Drake -

Francis Marion ("Swamp Fox") - Military Leader during the American Revolution

Francis Scott Key - Author of Star-Spangled Banner

Francisco Pizarro - Explorer

Franklin Delano Roosevelt - President

Frederick Douglass - Black Leader

Gandhi - Leader in India

George H. W. Bush - President

George W. Bush - President

General George Armstrong Custer - Military leader in the Wild West

George Washington - Commander in Chief during the American Revolution, 1st President of the United States

George Washington Carver - Black Scientist

Geronimo - Native American Leader

Gregor Mendel - Scientist who 1st explained Laws of Genetics

Grover Cleveland - President

Harriet Beecher Stowe - Black Leader before and during Civil War

Harriet Tubman - Black Leader before and during Civil War

Harry S. Truman - President

Helen Keller - Though Blind and Deaf she accomplished much

Henry Ford - Invented Assembly line production of automobiles

Herbert Hoover - President

Isaac Newton - Scientist

Ivan Pavlov - Scientist who studied animal behavior

Jack London - Author of The Call of the Wild, White Fang, and The Sea Wolf

Jacques Cousteau - Invented SCUBA gear and explored the depths of the oceans

James Buchanan - 15th President

James Madison - 4th President

James Monroe - 5th President

James Oglethorpe - Leader in the Georgia colony

Jane Austen - Author of Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Sense and Sensibility, and Mansfield Park

Jim Bowie - Early American explorer, Died at the Alamo

Jim Thorpe - Native American athlete

Jimmy Carter - President

Joan of Arc -

Johannes Kepler - Scientist

John Adams - 2nd President

John Quincy Adams - 6th President

John J. Audubon - Naturalist and Painter of Birds

John Brown - Black Leader at the beginning of the Civil War

John Bunyan - Author of Pilgrim's Progress

John and Sebastian Cabot - Explorers

John Jay - One of the Founding Fathers

John Paul Jones - Leader of the Navy during the American Revolution

John F. Kennedy - President

John Glenn - Space Explorer

John Hancock - One of the Founding Fathers, Famous for his Signature

John Muir - Naturalist

John Steinbeck - Author of The Grapes of Wrath, Red Pony

John Tyler - President

John Winthrop - Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony which started in 1630

Johnny Appleseed

Joseph Stalin - Dictator of Russia

Julius Caesar - Roman Emperor

King George III of England - Ruler of England during the American Revolution

King Henry VIII of England

La Salle - Explorer

Lafayette - Frenchman who aided the American military during the Revolution

Leif Ericson - Viking explorer

Lewis and Clark - Explored the Louisiana Purchase at the request of President Jefferson

Lord Baltimore - Leader of Maryland colony

Lou Gehrig - Baseball player

Louis Braille - Invented a method of writing and reading for the blind

Louis Pasteur - Scientist who invented pasteurization

Louisa May Alcott - Author of Eight Cousins, Little Women, Little Men, and Jo's Boys

Lyndon Baines Johnson - President

Magellan - Explorer

Marco Polo - Explorer

Marie Curie - Scientist who studied radiation, 1st female to receive the Nobel Prize in Science, 1st person to receive TWO Nobel Prizes in Science (one in physics; one in chemistry)

Margaret Thatcher - Prime Minister of Great Britain

Mark Twain - Author of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Martin Luther - German leader of the Reformation

Martin Luther King, Jr. - Black Civil Rights Leader

Martin Van Buren - 8th President

Michael Faraday - Scientist

Miles Standish - Pilgrim leader in Plymouth colony

Millard Fillmore - President

Milton Hershey - THINK CHOCOLATE!

Napoleon Bonaparte - Emperor of France

Nathan Hale - Leader during the American Revolution

Neil Armstrong - Space explorer

Noah Webster -

Patrick Henry - One of the Founding Father

Paul Revere - Silversmith who fought in the American Revolution

Peter Stuyvesant -

Pocahontas - Native American who interacted with settlers in Jamestown colony

Pope John Paul II - Last Pope, very popular and Pope for a very long time

Rachel Carson - Environmentalist

Richard M. Nixon - President

Robert Fulton - Invented the Steamboat

Robert E. Lee - General of the Confederate Army

Robert E. Peary - Explorer

Roger Williams - Leader of the Rhode Island colony

Ronald Reagan - President

Queen Elizabeth I - Ruler of England

Queen Mary of Scots - Cousin of Queen Elizabeth I, Executed on her orders

Queen Victoria - Ruler of England in the late 1800's and early 1900's

Sally Ride - Astronaut

Sam Houston - Leader during the fight for Texas Independence from Mexico

Samuel Adams - Cousin of John Adams, One of the Founding Fathers

Samuel Morse - Invented Morse Code used by telegraphs

Sitting Bull - Native American Leader

Stonewall Thomas Jackson - Confederate General during Civil War

Theodore Roosevelt - Leader during Spanish-American War, President

Thomas Alva Edison - Inventor of electric light bulb and motion pictures

Thomas Jefferson - Inventor and Architect, Author of The Declaration of Independence, Secretary of State under President Washington, Vice-President under John Adams, 3rd President

Thomas Paine - Author who argued for American Independence from England

Ulysses S. Grant - Northern General during Civil War, President

Sir Walter Raleigh - Explorer

Warren G. Harding - President

William Bradford - Pilgrim leader in Plymouth Colony

William Berkeley -

William Jennings Bryan - Lawyer and Politician

William McKinley - President

William Penn - Quaker Leader of Pennsylvania Colony

William Shakespeare - Author of Plays and Sonnets

William Howard Taft - President

Winston Churchill - British Prime Minister

Woodrow Wilson - President

Wright Brothers - Invented Airplane

Zebulon Pike - Explorer

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