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Academic Articles

The research you do in this class may be cross-disciplinary. 
Here are some databases of academic articles that may be useful to you. 
Don't forget to also check out the
History databases as well.

Contemporary Sources

As you move into the present-day, you may need to find current reflections of homelessness and hunger.  Though these will not be considered "academic" articles (because they are not peer-reviewed), you may find them useful depictions of these societal conditions.  The following sources may be helpful.

Substantial magazines like:
  • The Atlantic monthly (older issues in the Periodical print collection, current issues in Academic Search Premier)
  • New York Times Magazine (in Academic Search Premier)
  • Harper's Magazine (in Expanded Academic Index)
  • The Utne Reader (limited run available in our print Periodicals; current articles available through inter-library loan)
  • Social Service Review (with peer-reviewed articles, available in JSTOR)

or newspaper articles from current news outlets: