History 2 is a Google Chrome extension that shows a similar history page with the results sortened by time like the original but grouped by host for easy viewing.

The extension can be installed from here

version 0.6.0
  • New ordering option: number of pages seen
  • Favicons from the database (no remote conections)
  • Number of visits per page
  • Code improvements for faster loading and less memory use
  • Focus in the searchbox
version 0.5.3
  • French translation added thanks to Pierre-Marie Achart
  • Polish translation added thanks to Kamil Kisiela
version 0.5.2
  • Italian translation added thanks to Max Miller
  • Chinese traditional translation added thanks to Alvin Wong
  • Dutch translation added thanks to Tony David
version 0.5.1:
  • Czech translation added thanks to Luboš Motl
  • Internationalized using standard for Chrome extensions
version 0.5.0:
  • No more experimental! (public History API)
  • Override of default history page
  • Styles
version 0.3.5:
  • "Wait-while-delete" screen
  • Last Month and All History included
  • Styles
version 0.3.0:
  • Edit mode: Option to delete items from history
version 0.2.0:
  • Favicons (URL).
  • Only 1 instance of History2 per Chrome window.
  • Override CTRL-H shortcut: only works when in normal tabs, not in special browser tabs as 'extensions', 'new tab'...