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Gathering Citation Information

Chicago Style: Information to gather about your source:

Author’s full name


First and Last—use the name as published if there is an initial


Additional author names


List in order as published


Organization/Institution as author or which is associated with the publishing/site



Title of the entry


Use quotation marks around this title


Title of the encyclopedia/anthology/journal


Use italics to indicate this title


Editor’s name


Use the lead editor/editor-in-chief if there are multiple


Translator’s name




Is this an Introduction, preface, foreword or afterword?

Provide the label


Page numbers of the entry/work


From the beginning to the end of the entry/work


Place of publication


City name only if well-known—otherwise: City, State


Name of the publishing company


Format as published


Date of publication of the encyclopedia


Use most recent date if there are several


Edition (sometimes required)


This will be near the front, usually


Number of Volumes (sometimes required)


You may have to actually count these on the shelf


Complete URL or URL of database