Who we are

With a small group of volunteers, we make a new start from the former foundation 3D Historical Arnhem. We will now work differently but the goal remains a digital stroll through historic Arnhem.

The Gelders Archive is our main partner for assistance in the publishing of our 'built' material.

Through the Web window Arnhem 1935 creates a virtual walk through the Rue Royale. The Corn Market and Rijnstraat follow.

Our planning is a Web window of period 1600. The existing movies of the market from this time are then available.
You will also find on this site are photographs of the used buildings.

What we do

The project Arnhem3D allows the virtual visitor walks through historic Arnhem between 1649 and 1935.

For these walks to be as many pictures and information about houses in the town of Arnhem gathered. On the basis of the historical old city map street map in Google Sketch Up posted. The houses are in Adobe Photoshop photo-realistic and then reconstructed as a 3D building put on the map. This creates a visualization of the city of Arnhem in former times.

The slide shows a street you will see old photographs from the Arnhem Archive.

We do our best to retrieve information, but not all data on all properties are available because they are destroyed during the war.

If you know anything about a building and the residents we want to hear from you.


Comments on models
Young-Modeler : nice - I love that must or your models or are this type, a beautiful city you got there.
Andreas Trunk : looks very realistic
St.Pall : Good and clear model. Love the window effect.
HMC : Nice! Makes it much nicer center
WardNL : Beautiful model. Excellent finished.
L.VII.C : Excellent
Bibelo : Hey, you're doing well post-war buildings? ;-) Nice though.
New work
Province House 1935