William Preble Hall

William Preble Hall was the son of William Augustus Hall, brother of Uriel Sebree Hall, and nephew of Willard Preble Hall Sr. He was born near Huntsville on June 11, 1848. He graduated from West Point in 1868 and served as Second Lieutenant of the 19th Infantry. On June 15, 1868 he started service with the 5th Cavalry. On on July 1, 1876 he was promoted to First Lieutenant and promoted to Captain on March 8, 1887. On Nov. 6, 1893 he was promoted to Major, Assistant Adjutant General. And then he was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel, Assistant Adjutant General on September 11, 1897. His final promotion was to Colonel, Assistant Adjutant General on April 18. 1901.

Colonel Hall served primarily in the West fighting Native Americans. He was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor September 18, 1897 for rescuing a fellow office who was surrounded by 35 Native American tribesmen in a battle near White River, Colorado on October 20, 1879. He died at Walter Reed General Hospital on December 14, 1927 and was buried in Arlington National Cemetery Section 1 Site Lot 653 . He was survived by Terese Blackburn Hall, daughter of former United States Senator C. S. Blackburn of Kentucky, and two children, Blackburn Hall, former Major in the Regular Army, Los Angeles, California, and Mrs. Percy McCay Vernon, wife of Captain Vernon, Regular Army.