We are proud that HDDC has been one of the catalysts for the revitalization of the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic District and the Old Fourth Ward. One of the most rewarding experiences has been our work with residents, partners, funders and government officials in the community. Below are a few testimonials of our work we have received over the years. 

“The Historic District Development Corporation is at the top of the [housing] heap. They are viewed nationally as a leader in community renaissance.” 

- Former Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin

“One aspect that I really love about living in this area is the mystique and prestige associated with the MLK District. HDDC has done a really good job restoring this neighborhood to what it once was.”

- Craig Geiger, Neighborhood Resident

"I grew up on this exact property back in 1972. My family moved away and this home became a drug house and was eventually torn down. When I heard about the job that HDDC was doing and I saw that they were rebuilding this home at the same address where I grew up I jumped at the chance to purchase the home. The people over at HDDC were very helpful and were able to refer me to several financial resources to help me get my dream home. HDDC is the best thing that could have happened to this neighborhood!” 

- James Williams, Neighborhood Resident 

“They have a very good vision of community transformation. They don’t just build houses, they build communities.  Because they have a long vision and a block-by-block strategy, that’s why they’ve been so successful. What our funders want is to see communities that become communities of choice, not chance.  HDDC has the proven capacity to make that happen.”

- Lawrence Alexander, Vice President, The Enterprise Foundation

"HDDC's mission to revitalize this neighborhood was the reason I initially moved here 7 years ago."

- Kathy Baker, Neighborhood Resident

“In my family this house was the place that everybody considered home. Like many other homes in the neighborhood our home had unfortunately succumb to the drugs that were being distributed in the community, but HDDC helped me to rehabilitate this home and turn it back into a place where my family could come together and be as one.”

- Annie Rhodes, Neighborhood Resident