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II. Archives - Early 20th Century & After

This section of the archives deals roughly with the period beginning after World War I through current times.   It includes a a number of newspaper articles and columns, actual photographs printed in newspapers and magazines such as Life Magazine, photographs, videos, drawings and paintings created during the period and stories all addressing practices of men swimming nude.  The number of news articles and editorials we have discovered that discuss the common practice of how men swam nude at community pools, schools and civic organization were too numerous to list only but a few that had particular interest.   The voluminous archives of such accounts on the Internet that are available to anyone evidences that men swimming nude at such venues was extremely common in most countries through the mid 20th century.   Therefore, our focus has been more directed on the more controversial topic, and that is the presence of females at the venues and locations where men and boys swam nude.    We have concluded from them that during the first half of the 20th century, although uncommon, there is documented evidence of such things as females teaching swimming classes where boys were required to be naked, and in some cases, swim meet exhibitions where boys swam nude while being watched by mixed-gender audiences.   We also offer photographic evidence and videos that explain the reasoning behind customs that resulted in most school programs and civic organizations mandating all males to swim nude whereas females never did.


Swim Class Articles

Syndicated Columnists

YMCA/Schools Videos

Photos & Renderings


Downloading Historic Document Archives

For those that desire the data files containing the documents in their original form that we uncovered in our research as well has historic video and vintage photographs and artistic renderings, link below will provide you a 392 MB compressed data file hosted by Rapidgator.net.  In it, you will find 637 files in 6 folders that include most of the the original .PDF versions of entire full newspaper pages, books and journal, photos, artistic renderings
and videos.  Included is the three part documentary video explaining why boys were required to swim in the nude at public schools, YMCA and other community associations featured in the above sub-page.