The following are links to selected books and publishing web sites on Military History and Historical Research:
  • Computerized Historical Research - Collection of articles or presentation from the IX International Conference for the Association for History & Computing.
  • Community College 'Open' Textbooks - Peer reviewed free and open textbooks for use in community college courses.
  • Digital History - An online book providing an introduction to the web for historians—teachers, students, archivists, museum curators, professors as well as amateur enthusiasts.
  • Google Books - Search and preview millions of books from libraries and publishers worldwide using Google Book.
  • Good Faith Collaboration  - An examination of Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia  built by a community of contributors who are collaborating and interacting with one another and the issue of 'openness' and several challenges to it.
  • The Open Innovation Revolution - A book that addresses the ground work that needs to be laid for any organization wanting to pursue a successful 'open innovation'  approach.
  • OER Commons Textbooks - Information about open textbooks offered through Open Education Commons (OER).
  • Military History Books @ Dorrance Publishing - Offering selected books on the subject of American military history.
  • WikiBooks: History - A collection of open-content history textbooks offered by WikiBooks  that anyone can view and edit.

World's Greatest Military Leaders

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