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British History 101

Sir Winston Churchill

Apr 19th, 2007 by Mike - A full transcript of this show is available online

at the podcasts homepage.

Teaching American History Podcasts

Winston Churchill's My Early Life", James Muller,

session 1(mp3)

session 2 (ram)

  T H E    J O H N    M .    O L I N    O N L I N E   L E C T U R E   L I B R A R Y

Churchill's Example of Leadership
Sir Martin Gilbert
, Official Churchill Biographer & Distinguished Fellow of The Claremont Institute ISI Churchill Center International Churchill Conference, Leesburg, VA





Speaking of History

Podcast #17 - Winston Churchill Memorial and Museum in Fulton, Missouri

Moments In Time

Episode 2 Sir Winston Churchill - The Treat of Nazi Germany

Hardcore History

Show 11 - Thoughts on Churchill -We almost called this show "Things about Churchill that have interested Dan". Dan takes a look at various elements of the dramatic life and career of the great British leader.

 Free Info Socety

Winston Churchill - Blood, Toil, Tears, and Sweat
Winston Churchill - Finest Hour
Winston Churchill - The Few
Winston Churchill - We Shall Fight on the Beaches




History According to Bob

Episode 511: Winston Churchill - unfortuatly Bob has started selling his older podcasts, and so they are no longer available for download.

Podcast Date: May 23, 2005 17:12:36

Simulacrum -

Episode 3: Winston Churchill - A comedic interview with Winston Churchill. (actually not very funny)