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University of Virginia Podcasts

  • Theodore Roosevelt and the Birth of the Modern Presidency
  • 6/1/07 - Theodore Roosevelt helped bring about important changes in the presidency, with the help of the Industrial Revolution and the emergence of a mass media. Sid Milkis, White Burkett Miller Professor of Government and Foreign Affairs, traces how TR established critical precedents in domestic and foreign affairs that charted the path for future presidents.

The American Experiance

  • Theodore Roosevelt and the “New Nationalism”
  • This lecture “TR and the “New Nationalism” (20.5 mb) deals with the second and third of the “three C’s” of of TR’s “New Nationalism” - conservation and consumer protection. It ends the previous lecture and rounds out TR’s struggle to adapt the principals of American democracy to the new and dynamic but dangerous new realities of industrial life. It talks of the attempt to give a “square deal” to the American citizen.
  • Theodore Roosevelt and American Imperialism
  • This lecture “TR and American Imperialism” (13.4 mb) speaks of the expansive use of power overseas during and after the Spanish-American War - it uses TR as a metaphor for America as a country young but coming into its power. Deals with Cuba, Philippines, Japan, Hawaii, Panama Canal, and Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine, and voyage of Great White Fleet around the world. (Into to essay question: [”The American people have the taste of empire in their mouth!” assess the validity of this statement] question.)

Theodore Roosevelt original sound recordings (from Library of Congress)

Sound Recordings

"The Progressive Covenant with the People"
"The Right of the People to Rule"
"The Farmer and the Businessman"
"Social and Industrial Justice"




original voice recordings from michigan state libarary

1.  DB509   Roosevelt, Theodore   with   Wedge, William.
( 1898 )   Theodore Roosevelt announces the various bugl...
2.1 min
2.  DB510   Roosevelt, Theodore
( 1898 )   Theodore Roosevelt announces bugle calls and ...
1.4 min
3.  DB511   Roosevelt, Theodore
( 1912 )   Campaign speech in which Roosevelt cautions a...
3.3 min
4.  DB512   Roosevelt, Theodore
( 1912 )   A campaign speech by Theodore Roosevelt enti...
4.6 min
5.  DB513   Roosevelt, Theodore
( 1912 )   Why the bosses oppose the Progressive party. ...
7.6 min
6.  DB514   Roosevelt, Theodore
( 1912 )   Why the bosses oppose the Progressive Party. ...
7.7 min
7.  DB515   Roosevelt, Theodore
( 1912 )   Roosevelt cautions against unreasonable cons...
3.0 min
8.  DB516   Roosevelt, Theodore
( 1913 )   With musical accompaniment and introductory r...
2.6 min
9.  DB517   Roosevelt, Theodore.
Theodore Roosevelt accepts the Bull Moose nom...
3.5 min





Theodore Roosevelt in Baltimore during Liberty Loan drive

Footage of TR visiting Oslo, Norway in 1910l, part 1 of 2

The right of the people to rule