Books about napoleon that were mentioned on the Napoleon 101 Podcast

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These books were mentioned on the Napoleon 101 podcast. They are historical in nature.

First and foremost the host's David J Markham's own infomous book

Napoleon For Dummies - The best introduction to all things Napoleon.

after Napoleon for dummies there are other books by  David Markham mentioned on the show

From the Author
Imperial Glory was awarded the 2003 "President's Choice" Award for Napoleonic Literature by the International Napoleonic Society.

Other books that were mentioned

Moscow 1812

Or you can try the Sharp Videos from Amazon. It was mentioned a few time on the show, mostly favorbly. I do remember Cameron hating how the french were portrayed in the series. Personally I loved the entire series. It used to be on in Canada as "masterpiece Theatre".

The show is about Captain Sharp, during the Napoleonic wars. Capt sharp was promoted from the ranks, in an age where rank is bought and not earned. The life of a British infantry man are shown in full, with a fair bit of adventure to boot.

This unique collector’s set contains all 14 Sharpe’s feature-length, epic films plus the bonus program, Sharpe The Legend. Also included is an exact, authentic reproduction of an antique map as used by the military during the Napoleonic Wars, with a Certificate of Authenticity and a custom designed Sharpe’s Eagle pewter letter opener. All conveniently stored in a custom-made, wooden box emblazoned with the Sharpe’s logo and with solid pewter closures.

Acclaimed actor Sean Bean (Flightplan, The Island, The Lord of the Rings) stars in this action-packed series set in the midst of the desperate missions and battles of the Napoleonic Wars. Adapted from Bernard Cornwell’s bestselling novels, Bean portrays maverick British officer Richard Sharpe who rises through the ranks of Wellington’s army by his own daring deeds and ambition. Fast-moving, hard-hitting adventure, Sharpe brings to the screen all the danger, romance and sheer spectacle of one of the bloodiest periods in English warfare. approx. 25 hrs. col.