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execution of Joan of Arc 





THE SIEGE OF ORLEANS  Charles VI, a madman and the King of France, was dead and his kingdom hung in the balance. The French aristocracy were at war with each other, English soldiers occupied Paris and Charles’ crown was up for grabs, contested by his own son, the Dauphin, and the seven-year-old King of England, Henry VI. But as the English army pressed down through France, the only thing that seemed to stand between the English King and the French Crown was the city of Orleans.
Looking back on the events that followed, the Duke of Bedford wrote to King Henry VI and declared “all things prospered for you till the time of the siege of Orleans, taken in hand God knoweth by what advice”.
But what happened at the siege of Orleans, did Joan of Arc really rescue the city and how significant was the battle in changing the course of the 100 Years' War and the subsequent histories of England and France?

BBC Radio 4 - Woman's hour

Joan of Arc - Next week marks the anniversary of the martyrdom of Joan of Arc – burnt at the stake by her English captors at the age of 19. At the same time in France tests are being conducted on human remains to see if they are indeed those of the saint.

Jenni talks to Doctor Philippe Charlier who is carrying out the tests, to Doctor Craig Taylor whose new book on the Maid of Orleans brings together all the important texts documenting her life, and to author Dr Anke Bernau who's also written on St Joan.

You are there

Execution Of Joan Of Arc (4-2-72) You Are There, The Execution of Joan ArcA hero of the Hundred Years War, Joan of Arc remains a French national hero six centuries later. As a teenager she heard voices from on high urging her to save France from English domination. Despite being a young woman, she was placed at the head of an army; she attacked the English and forced them to retreat from OrlÃans. Later she was captured by the English, tried for heresy, and burned at the stake.


Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc V 1"  project Guttenberg

By Mark Twain - yes yes i'm aware this isn't actually history, nor does it really have that much to do with Joan of Arc...