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Welcome to our collection of podcasts about history, put together for no better reason than we like history podcasts.  Please excuse the whacky look to this website.  Google sites is really hard to use.

If we've missed your favourite history podcast let us know via historypodcasts@btinternet.com .

News! As of 29.11.10 there is Historical Podcasts Forum created for you to discuss and share information on historical podcasts.  The plan is to use the forum to vote on the week's top ten podcasts - we are still working on the details. 

 There is also a blog at http://historicalpodcasts.blogspot.com/ which will have some more in depth reviews of particular podcast episodes.

This weeks History Podcast Top Ten as voted for by History Podcast Readers

  Podcast Link Comment
 1The History of Rome
 thehistoryofrome.typepad.com/Mike Duncan's ever popular series.
 2Hardcore History
 www.dancarlin.comInfrequent, but worth the wait.
 3Binge Thinking History
bingethinkinghistory.blogspot.comIf you like detail, this is the podcast for you.
 4Historyzine historyzine.comA history magazine in podcast form.
 5History Books Reviewhistorybooksreview.blogspot.comVery enjoyable, especially the Fall of the Roman Empire
 6Napoleon Podcast
napoleon.thepodcastnetwork.comA complete biography of Napoleon
 7Europe from its Origins
 www.ahistoryofeurope.eu Wide ranging review of Europe in Middle Ages
 8 In Our Time
 https://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/features/in-our-time/ Melvyn Bragg knows everything.
British History 101
Despite no episodes since quite a long time back in history, people are still voting for it.
 10A Brief History of Mathematics
 www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00srz5bMarcus du Sautoy talks us through lives of Mathematicians.

Vote for the podcast you like best by e-mail to historypodcasts@btinternet.com.  You can vote once a week per e-mail address.  

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