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Gandhi serve

Courtesy: GandhiServe Foundation, Mahatma Gandhi Research and Media

  The Links were provided by Courtesy: GandhiServe Foundation, Mahatma Gandhi Research and Media Service,



Speech by Gandhi 17 October 1931 BBC

Eyewitness account of Gandhi's assassination by Robert Stimson for the BBC on Jan 30, 1948 (3'15") (Ram)

1948: Mahatma Gandhi assassinated - Prime Minister Nehru announces Gandhi's death



Berekly University Lectures - Introduction to Nonviolence

notice there are some general lectures about the philosophy of Nonviolence I did not bring here. Have a look at the website for the rest of the course.

Democracy Now

Gandhi: Radio Documentary Mahatma Gandhi was shot dead on January 30 1948, by Nathram Godse, a Hindu nationalist enraged by Gandhi's overtures to Muslims after the partition of Britain's Indian empire into predominately Hindu India and officially Islamic Pakistan. The date of his death is now an Indian holiday, Martyr's Day.

Today we bring you an unusual documentary produced by Pete Meyers for Radio Netherlands, based on archival interviews with intimates of Gandhi.

Talk News India

Remembering Mahatma Gandhi- On January 30, 1948, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (Mahatma Gandhi) was shot dead. He was on his way to his evening prayer meeting at Birla Mandir in New Delhi. He was 78 years old.

Flower Silliman was a student at Lady Irwin College, New Delhi, during the mid-1940s. She was part of the choir that sang during Gandhiji's prayer meetings in Birla Mandir.