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12 Byzantine Rulers

  • 3 - Constantine - Part 1 (15.4 Meg MP3 16:52)
    From the chaotic background of the tetrarchy, a vulnerable staff officer would navigate the treacherous waters of the empire and eventually emerge as Emperor. How could such an unlikely man unify the empire under one ruler? In this lecture, Lars Brownworth explores the rise to power of one of Western History's most pivotal figures: Constantine.

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  • 4 - Constantine - Part 2 (16.1 Meg MP3 17:33)
    Constantine has achieved supreme power and made one of the most momentous decisions in history, that of founding a new capital and rescuing a faith seemingly on the brink of schism. However, his megalomania undid most of his work unifying the church and threatened the very stability of the state. Does such a man truly deserve to be called great? Join Lars Brownworth as he looks at the apogee of Constantine's career and his impact on history.

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  The catholic Insider podcast

CI#15 - Did Dan Brown do his Homework? Live Medieval Music  

Did emperor Constantine invent the divinity of Jesus as part of his powerplay to maintain control? Did Dan Brown do his homework when writing the Da Vinci Code? We'll look at this and other questions in today's Catholic Insider. And I've got some great music for you, both contemporary and medieval.