All Known Historical Podcasts N-Z

History related podcasts 

Napoleon 101 - see special page. 



Sounds of History

web site

Features full-length, unedited historic audio of

speeches, broadcasts, and events.

Speaking of History [iTunes]

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Speaking of History is a podcast and blog maintained

by an 8th grade American History teacher in Missouri

who uses technology to enhance the history


Talking History [iTunes]

web site

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The Organization of American Historians sponsors this

podcast series which covers a wide range of history

topics. Each year of the series has a separate




web site 

 This is a 4 volume study of the History of England in the late 17th century. The volunteers at Librivox are recording this work and adding those recordings to the public domain.




Voice of Genocide Prevention [iTunes]

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This podcast is produced by the U.S. Holocaust

Museum and focuses on genocide around the world.

World at War Podcast [iTunes]

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This podcast provides historical dramas that occur

during World War Two and other conflicts