All Known History Podcasts

This list was compiled originally by D. Arendale, and is currently being updated by  Chris Teaser.   If your favourite is missing contact us at

A Brief History of Mathematics by Marcus du Sautoy

BBC Radio 4

A subject like this really shouldn't work as a podcast, but somehow it does. The series starts with the development of the calculus by Newton and Leibnitz independently.  So most listeners will be out of their mathematical depth from the get go.  But it doesn't matter, because everything is explained clearly and in understandable language.  The emphasis is, in any case, on the personalities as much as the principles.  Worth listening to. Worth name dropping. If you really can't make it through the whole 10 episodes, at least listen to the 10th on Nicolas Bourbaki.  You won't hear a more fascinating mathematician's biography.

British History 101 

A good solid historical podcast about British history from an enthusiastic American.  The shows are well structured and researched.  You get to hear his views and opinions as well, which adds to the entertainment.  The only real criticism is that the shows are nowhere near as regular as you would like, but that is the downside of amateur podcasts. I'd rather hear the honest opinions of a real person, but sadly real people have other things to do than podcasting.

Dan Carlin's Hardcore History Podcast

Hard to classify. Not strictly historical, similar to a talk show. The topics are varied, some are controversial.  Dan Carlin always has an interesting angle on things and can make you think in a new way about historical events.

Highly recommended. 

History Books Review

Produced by Colin Sanders, a professional scientist with a love of history, this is a real history book readers blog covering anything he happens to find interesting - although as he is doing a chapter by chapter review of Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire at the moment that tends to dominate it.  But he also does single reviews of other books. Not all the reviews are done as podcasts, but the podcasts are between 5 and 10 minutes long and are well worth listening to.  They can be subscribed to in iTunes and there is also a Youtube Channel under the name HistoryScientist, which for some reason is not mentioned on the blog.

The History of England

A promising new podcast series that is following the history of England by following its royal family.  This is a bit of an unusual approach and starts with the arrival in England of a Saxon chief called Cerdic.  David Crowther has a lively and enthusiastic style that carries the story along nicely.  Entertaining and informative.

Historic Audio

A lot of interviews with artists, and you need to look around to find stuff that might interest you, but there is nothing else quite like it on the web.

Voices from history restored from private collections.

History According to Bob

Professor Bob loves to tell stories of the real people
behind the often sterile descriptions found in history
texts. His conversational style, filled with anecdotes,
quips, and humor, will bring to life the characters of

History on TV

web site
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A weekly podcast about upcoming history television

History of Information Podcast

web site 

itunes feed

This course explores the history of information and associated technologies, uncovering why we think of ours as 'the information age.' We will select moments in the evolution of production, recording, and storage from the earliest writing systems to the world of Short Message Service (SMS) and blogs.

In Our Time

Ever popular BBC Radio 4 series.  So well known we hardly need to review it.  (In fact we probably don't even need to mention it.)

Joseph Hogarty - Europe from its Origins

This is a very serious podcast keeping to pretty high academic standards and covering a huge timescale, starting with the emergence of Europe as a cultural entity at the end of the Roman Empire and tracing its development through the Middle Ages.  It is very well done and very educational, but makes very few concessions to the listener's weaknesses. Each episode weighs in at nearly, or sometimes over, an hour with only a few musical breaks.  Some quotes are given the original languages before being translated.  But the podcast rewards the work it demands in listening to it by being very rich in interesting information and thoughtful analysis.  Be warned, it is very pro Europe and Christianity.  There is nothing wrong with this of course, but it isn't a very fashionable approach nowadays.

Matt's Today in History

web site
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A short summary of the historical events that shaped
the world. 

Military History

The podcast showcases the strangest anecdotes, innovative technology, and most significant events of military history.  

There hasn't been an episode this year, but there is a pretty big back catalogue if you are new to it.  If like us you are waiting for some new content, well I guess we'll have to be patient.

2 Cent History

Shot Heard Around the World

This is a podcast that has had a lot of work put into it.  It has a huge amount of research behind it and the sound quality is excellent.  Neither of these things necessarily make a podcast worth listening to.  But the story is told with animation and in a way that is very engaging.  The style is a bit reminiscent of Dan Carlin, though not quite as dramatic.

History of Japan - Cameron Foster

Cameron Foster is working through the history of Japan starting in the depths of myth and legend.  Everything about this podcast is rubbish except the bits that matter.  The website is bare, the intro music is inappropriate and it isn't on iTunes so you have to go to the web page to find it.  But the story is interesting and is delivered with humour and enthusiasm that makes you want to listen.   Highly recommended.

Our History Project

The accents might  take a bit of getting used to if you aren't from the south of the US,  but the standard of the recordings is pretty high and the presenter's style is relaxed and engaging.   Very orientated towards the American military and has a very patriotic (from an American point of view) perspective.If you are interested in American military history you might well find this appealing.  Certainly the enthusiasm is contagious.

The China History Podcast

Review being worked on.

Rex Factor

A light hearted podcast about the kings of England in the form of a conversation.  Entertaining and easy to follow.

Discuss on our forum.

Rex Factor Podcast discussion

Yale Introduction to Ancient Greek History

Not technically a podcast but still worth investigating.

World at War Podcast [iTunes]

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This podcast provides historical dramas that occur during World War Two and other conflicts

Great Moments in History Podcast

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Great Moments in History is a collection of ten momentous events in World and American history, covered by live, on-the-spot newscasters. These are "first-hand" dramatizations enhanced by full-range, professional sound effects..

web site

The History Channel presents an interview program
with today's authors of history books.