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The following is a collection of the best Albert Einstein history podcasts. You can find here both, Einstein bibliography and explanation of his science. Albert Einstien audio is quite common on the net, and so I probably missed quite a bit. I've tried to bring the more historical material, but naturally Einstein history and bibliography is enmeshed with podcasts about his scientific work.   




American Institute of Physics - Voice Of Einstein

Einstein Explains the Equivalence of Energy and Matter (short)

Einstein Speaks on the Fate of the European Jews (short)

Click here for Einstein's voice -- on the Holocaust

Einstein Speaks on Nuclear Weapons and World Peace




1955: Albert Einstein dies -Eminent scientist Dr Albert Einstein, who developed the theory of relativity, dies in hospital aged 76. (First broadcast 18 April 1955)

Battle of the brains, post-mortem - The Royal Society is to host a debate about which is the greater scientist, Albert Einstein or Sir Isaac Newton.

BBC Radio 4

Relatively Einstein 

A hundred years on from Albert Einstein's 'miracle year' of 1905, Radio 4 talks to writers and artists who have wrestled with the scientific legacy of modern physics in their work. 




free audio book - open culture   

Relativity, Albert Einstein (mp3 download full zip file

WHYY's Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane

Walter Isaacson on Albert Einstein

Listen to a rebroadcast of Marty's conversation with writer WALTER ISAACSON. Marty spoke with Isacson recently about his new biography of Albert Einstein. The title says it all -- "Einstein: His Life and Universe."