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On this page you can find historical podcasts about Abrahm Lincoln. This is your best site for history related podcasts about Abraham Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln Podcast

Lincoln's Birthday

Episode 1: Lincoln's birthday and the Presidents' Day myth. Several autobiographical accounts and one recollection of Lincoln's birthplace by painter Thomas Hicks.
17 minutes - Download.

  • Mezzara's Lincoln Statue

Episode 2: The first statue of Abraham Lincoln erected in the United States was the San Francisco statue by Pietro Mezzara. The statue was destroyed in the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.
11 minutes Download 

  • Tad Lincoln

Episode 3: Tad Lincoln was the Lincoln's fourth and youngest son, born April 4, 1853. He and his brother Willie were quite, er, rambunctious in the White House. Tad accompanied Mary Lincoln to Europe after the death of President Lincoln. Tad died as a young man in Chicago.
15 minutes Download.


History News Network

Michael Burlingame: Did Lincoln Lie Us into War in 1861?Mr. Burlingame is the author, most recently, of The Inner World of Abraham Lincoln. He is currently working on a multi-volume biography of Lincoln.



Abraham Lincoln: Ironies, Curiosities & Weird Stuff


Join Kim Bauer, a Curator at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Musuem, as he explores some of the rare and bizarre items held in their collection. (19.1 MB file; playback time of 56 minutes) The presentation slides accompanying this podcast can be found at www.opal-online.org/Lincolnslides.htm

Focus 580 (radio)


Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address

No direct download. There is a stream link on the site.