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The Purpose of this Project:

Why is this site here? 
To bring some historical perspective to the modern concept of Ancient Greek & Roman Pankration (Pankratium) and some measure of methodology to its reconstruction. Why? Because the name is used much these days with little direct historical connection to what was really done in the art of Pankration in Ancient Greece. Who is this site intended to serve? Anyone with an interest in Historical Pankration, Historical martial Arts reconstructors, modern Combat Grapplers or MMA enthusiasts with an interest in the ancient arts or martial artists looking to gain some insight into the "All Powers" Pankration form of combat.
This project is but a small step in the direction of bringing historical accuracy back into the modern art of Pankration and the general pool of techniques associated to it. Here will be archived together all that can be found concerning The Ancient Art of Greek Pankration and the later Roman Pankratium. The Archives will contain all the imagry and text gleaned from historical sources to support any theories about the Art of Pankration and a modern functional recreation of it. A running list of Historical techniques and training methods lifted from historical works will updated regularly. Each technique or archive item will have its own page and  so that the historicity and practicality of each technique can be discussed and automatically attached to the techniques resources to create a public archive of the information for other like minded practitioners.

A list of historically verifiable source techniques and concepts to use as the basis of a reconstructed martial art of Pankration. This art can then be tested in a amateur NHB/MMA environment allowing for thorough testing. Ultimately this project is intended as a guide to the reconstruction of the Art of Pankration which is the reason for an open reconstruction method with each detail of the construction historically verifable.

The Ancient Greek Olympics lasted 1170 years, According to the tradition of Hippias of Elis ca. 400 BC , Wrestling was added in 708 BC at the 18th Olympiad , Boxing was added in 688 BC at the 23rd Olympiad and Pankration was added in 648 BC at the 33rd Olympiad. The Olympic games were held from 776 BC to 393 AD, when they were abolished by the Christian Byzantine Emperor Theodosius I. This is the timeline of the Olympic games and there were many other ritual games helds throughout Ancient Greece (Nemean, Ptyhian etc). But this served as a convenient Official Timeline evidence for Pankration and Greek Boxing and Wrestling. Pankration itself lasted (verifiably) some 1000 years if we are to use the Olympics as our timeline but surely it existed in some form after the abolishment of the Olympics, there is some evidence that Wrestling continued to hold its prominent place in Greek society, but no direct evidence of Boxing and Pankration having survived.