1930 Tree Plantings

The attached photos are from a collection of thousands of photographs taken from ca.1920 to the 1960s by Maryland state forest and park employees to document visually everything they were doing in those days to promote forestry and park use. All the photos are now housed in the Maryland State Archives in Annapolis. Some years ago, in preparation for the centennial of forestry and parks in Maryland, I scanned hundreds of the pictures. Knowing the Rick family's long tenure in Mt. Rainier, those five photos were of course of keen interest to me, so I made sure to scan them. When I retired a year and a half ago, I put a lot of my electronic work files on an expansion drive to keep, and all the pictures are in that expansion drive. The information on the backs of the pictures have the initials of Fred W. Besley, Maryland's first state forester (served 1906-1942). If any of the photos are published, please credit the Maryland Forest and Park Gift Collection at the Maryland State Archives. Fred Besley, was an avid promoter of forestry and roadside trees. I suspect the trees in Mt. Rainier came from the state tree nursery that Besley had established at the University of Maryland 20 or so years earlier. Besley's original nursery is long gone, having been replaced by others in various places around the state.
 Ross Kimmel
Shepherd Street - from 32nd Street to 34th Street
Bunker Hill and 31st St.


Tree Plantings #3


35th Street looking up to Perry St.