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'Spitfire of the Seas' - BBC article on RN Coastal Forces

posted 25 Aug 2016, 04:11 by Neil Stott   [ updated 25 Aug 2016, 04:21 ]

The First World War: Britain's Surviving Vessels

"Think of the First World War at sea and a number of big ship actions spring to mind.  However, the real history of the war at sea is a much richer story, with vessels used in a variety of different ways including requisitions by the Navy, the development of new technologies, and transporting supplies to troops on the Western Front.

At National Historic Ships UK, we maintain the National Register of Historic Vessels featuring some 1,200 vessels over 50 years old that still survive today.  More than 60 of these participated in the First World War in some way.  This website has been set up to tell the stories of these maritime veterans."

More Titch

posted 23 Aug 2016, 12:18 by Neil Stott

HMS at 'Detling Military Odyssey' August 27th-29th

posted 21 Aug 2016, 03:17 by Neil Stott
A contingent from HMS' WW2 team will be going to Detling this year. Chris Jones will be taking "Geoff's Fabulous Uncle Archie" along for a static show-and-tell display.

Please contact Ron Bate if you need more information regarding HMS' involvement.

Little Titch - Please be seated...

posted 21 Aug 2016, 02:44 by Neil Stott   [ updated 21 Aug 2016, 02:50 ]

Bevan has started to fit the benches - painting due to begin in earnest.
Priming is done, undercoat and hard anti-fouling next.
We've come a long way since:

HMS Android app (free)

posted 14 Aug 2016, 09:26 by Neil Stott   [ updated 14 Aug 2016, 09:40 ]

If you follow HMS - or are a member - and prefer to use Android smart phones/devices, you can download an 'app' for HMS by clicking on the image below or by scanning the QR code.
Just awaiting details for iphone app...

'Little Titch': Boat-build latest...

posted 14 Aug 2016, 08:21 by Neil Stott   [ updated 14 Aug 2016, 08:23 ]

Chris and Bevan have been fitting-out the new boat this weekend, following Ron Bate's sterling work on the epoxy hull sealing last week.
In these pics you can see that the engine box, electrics board & starter,brass cabin vent cover, throttle and searchlight are now fitted as is the battery. 
We are approaching the final painting stages and engine test ahead of the full, on-water test before this summer is out.

Book review: 'Women in the First World War'

posted 14 Aug 2016, 04:15 by Neil Stott   [ updated 15 Aug 2016, 12:19 ]

Jen Kaines reviews:
Neil R Storey and Molly Housego 2010 "Women in the First World War" 
Shire Publications no 575 64pp ISBN-13:978 0 74780 752 0

"Many of you I am sure will have come across the Shire series of books before.  Founded in 1962 offering a low-priced concise non-fiction book on a wide-range of subjects they are always a good introduction to a topic and this little tome is no exception.

Consisting of some 64 pages it introduces the time period and women's role before the First World War and then goes on to sections on Nursing Services, Munitionettes and Women War Workers, On the Land, In Uniform, Demob and Legacies, and a very useful section on further reading.

It draws on a broad range of primary sources using photographs, ephemera and objects from many museum collections.  It is well written, easy to read and great to drop in and out of.  I would recommend it as a good starter to the subject area.

Jen Kaines

A random selection of other Shire books of possible interest for HMS followers and members;
Brian Lavery 
The Royal Navy Officer's Pocket-Book   (WW2 period)
"The art of command is…to be the complete master, and yet the complete friend of every man on board; the temporal lord and yet the spiritual brother of every rating; to be detached and yet not dissociated.'
A Seaman's Pocket-Book, 1943'

HMS at Fort Nelson, Hants 30-31st July

posted 25 Jul 2016, 09:21 by Neil Stott   [ updated 1 Aug 2016, 12:58 ]

The event was a success - summer came in once or twice...
Many thanks to The Garrison, for their open hospitality
Here is a shot of all of the C18th-Great War guns firing  in a combined volley.
HMS will be at Fort Nelson this coming weekend. 

The event is Artillery on Parade

Please come along to see us firing our Carronade and also at our static displays.

Our friends from The Garrison will be there too.
It promises to be lively and very, very  LOUD !!!!

More Titch updates

posted 8 Jul 2016, 15:06 by Neil Stott   [ updated 8 Jul 2016, 15:08 ]

Primed upper works, sanded and sealed decks, electrics housed and connected to battery, gear shift in, engine oil in. Bees ain't in it...

Little Titch - update

posted 29 Jun 2016, 13:52 by Neil Stott   [ updated 29 Jun 2016, 13:56 ]

An ad hoc work weekend  saw us installing the deck planking. Hefty stuff - from larch.
Quite chuffed with the outcome. Priming the hull and upper works shortly.

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