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HMS featuring in a documentary film for Canadian TV

posted 1 Mar 2015, 07:48 by Neil Stott   [ updated 1 Mar 2015, 07:50 ]

HMS members spent their Saturday playing roles in
a film for Canadian TV following up on the discovery, last September of the remains of one of the ships of the ill-fated Franklin expedition of 1845. The Erebus and the Terror (both ex-bomb vessels) set off to find the North-west passage to the East Indies. 
After becoming ice-bound off king William island, both ships and their entire crews were lost. The crew died from a combination of hypothermia, starvation, scurvy and lead poisoning. The lead poisoning is currently thought to be from the ship's distiller water system, not from the tin cans. Starvation was largely due to taking the wrong stores for such a voyage. Cannibalism is also supposed to have existed!
The last men seen to be alive were reported by local Inuit some time in 1851, 4 years after the death of Franklin.
In September 2014 the Canadian government announced it had found the well-preserved wreck of the Erebus.
The Erebus may yet provide some more information as divers and ROV's are sent down to it.
The film HMS was involved with aims to put some meat on the bones of this well-known story.

Even more launch latest

posted 27 Feb 2015, 11:34 by Neil Stott   [ updated 27 Feb 2015, 12:04 ]

More work completed on Little Titch . All the noggins are in place in the cuddy. Most of the splines are glued in and sanded back on the SB side ... And a possible engine (another) sourced in Doncaster. Busy, busy, busy ...
Next jobs:
complete splines on SB.
Fit all splines on Port
Fit engine
Make and fit comings on cuddy
Fit cuddy roof - Getting there!

Gun launch latest

posted 26 Jan 2015, 10:14 by Neil Stott

Much sawing, sanding and gluing - followed by a fair bit of eating and drinking - saw Robert McClellan, Cris Jones, Bev Spence, Thomas Lloyd Spence and Neil Stott make steady progress on the new boat project last weekend - thanks too, Jean Spence, Mary and Lynne for the excellent victuals !
All of the deck beams are now in, forward refuge/cuddy 'roof' beams in and around a third of the inter-plank fillets glued in.
Ready for: plank decking, engine installation, cladding, steering mechanism (Yes - it's going to have a wheel Philip Dare!!)
All the boats are under cover now - our new project being secured in a large workshop. Those who have been to the farm to work on the launch would hardly recognise it now as the barns we have been using have been dismantled and taken away...
There will be another opportunity to do some work on all of the boats soon, ready for the new season, so please let Chris Jones know if you are keen to get involved as your help will be needed!

Friends of Tall Ships Worldwide e-Magazine: 2015 Vol. 1

posted 18 Jan 2015, 03:32 by Neil Stott

Download the latest e-magazine from link opposite.
Contact Jeff Cuff with enquiries

'Petty lies, lives and officers' a book by Danielle Reddish

posted 4 Jan 2015, 06:53 by Neil Stott   [ updated 4 Jan 2015, 06:54 ]

Our friend Danielle Reddish has published her book, 'Petty lies, lives and officers' online at - I'm sure friends and members will want to visit Danielle's website and view the first chapter, which is available for free download in .pdf

"The leading character, Con Foster, is forced to leave the navy at the age of one and twenty, when Captain Brightling, Con's former guardian, learns about a secret that Con has managed to keep for seven years. 
The book consists of three main parts: Duty, Honour en Loyalty..." more ...

Merry Christmas!

posted 24 Dec 2014, 10:21 by Neil Stott

Gun launch project latest

posted 20 Dec 2014, 09:23 by Neil Stott   [ updated 20 Dec 2014, 11:35 ]

The modern diesel engine was removed from 'Little Titch' today - all ready to go as it was sold on eBay last week.

Chris Jones has his eye on a paraffin fuel engine, so fingers crossed there.
Next set of jobs - caulking, 'cuddy construction' ( refuge within the bow section) and pitch-pine decking...

News from the boatyard...

posted 30 Nov 2014, 02:24 by Neil Stott   [ updated 30 Nov 2014, 10:40 ]

More progress on our Great War gun launch project over Friday and Saturday.

The (re-conditioned) modern diesel engine that came with the boat is now uncoupled and will be advertised on eBay in due course.
We have now reached the end of the 'deconstruction' stage and look forward to creating the new deck-work and the 'cuddy' within the bow.
Chris Jones, the 'Engine-Fynder General' , has his eye on a replacement engine...

The Poppy Appeal 2014

posted 2 Nov 2014, 06:53 by Neil Stott   [ updated 30 Nov 2014, 14:13 ]

The Immortal Memory

posted 20 Oct 2014, 23:19 by Neil Stott   [ updated 30 Nov 2014, 14:13 ]

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