What is the Historical Investigation?
Your teachers are fed up with you being bored with the information that they have chosen to teach you, so now it is time for you to learn about something that you care about and/or are interested in.  The Historical Investigation is a history project that makes you the historian.  This should be the most fun part of history class in your 12+ years of young person school.

There will be one practice Historical Investigation completed 2nd semester of junior year (in IB Global for a very real grade), and the official Historical Investigation completed 1st semester of senior year in IB Americas for any IB History test takers.

What it is not...
  • An essay - this investigation is not just a 2,200 word essay with an introduction, body paragraphs, etc.
  • Finding a website that answers your exact question
What it is...
  • Still a pretty good amount of writing
  • It is finding a number of sources that help you create an argument about history that has never been made before
  • It collects facts and sources that you would use to write an essay
  • It evaluates documents and author's arguments to figure out what their values and limitations are
  • It analyzes how those author's arguments might affect your conclusions
  • The Historical Investigation is the internal assessment due for Group Three, Humanities in the IB Diploma program
  • It is 2,200 words long and is broken up into 3 different sections.
Starting the project?
Begin here (1. The Research Question)
For your writing and organizational needs: