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This is the simplest way of searching within the system. Using the maps is pretty intuitive, especially if you have used Google Maps before. 
  • You can pan and zoom around the map using mouse and or arrow keys.
  • You can switch from the default 'map' setting to the 'satellite' view, which can be very useful when looking at ponds in rural locations
  • You can use Google StreetView - just drag the little yellow figure onto a place on the map.
  • Selecting a particular site brings up an information balloon as per the example below. The shows the summary descriptive information held withing the database as well as the positional co-ordinates

  • It also provides a 'web page' link. This is to a separate page that contains more complete descriptive information as well as any old maps, newspaper cuttings or photographs that we have been able to find and use relating to the place in question An example of such a page is shown below. These detailed pages are actually held on a separate website (curlingplaces.info), which can itself be searched separately - see the associated web pages page

One useful little trick is as follows. We have found that when one follows one of these links and goes back to the map, the map reverts to its full zoomed-out size. To get round that, use control-click on the link to bring up the detailed page in a separate window.