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When you select to view one of the database, a screen similar to that below will be displayed.

Each row is one of the mapped places, assuming that it has a latitude & longitude. 

It can be tedious and a bit unwieldy to find a place simply by scrolling though the database. Accordingly, tools exist to make this easier. By selecting 'filter' then any of the columns can be filtered. Thus a filter of 0002 on the 'name' field would bring up one 1 result (0002 Stow). However note that the filter works on any part of the text. Thus a filter of 'ayr' on the name field will bring up literally scores of results, as this would match to 'ayrshire' as well as 'ayr'.

The above relates to filtering the rows, but exactly the same mechanism is available if you switch to the 'map of latitude' page, it is just that the information is displayed as a map.