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Associated web pages

The associated web pages are held in a separate site (curlingplaces.info). which itself is split up into 4 volumes each volume holding details for up to 1000 places.

Each individual pages hold extended textual information, map photos and/or newspaper cuttings that we have found and have been allowed to use.

To use the curlingplaces.info site independently of the map/database, either go to one of the pages via the map, or go directly to:


This will bring up a page similar to that below. Entering text in the box next to 'Search this site' in the top-right corner, such as a place-name, will search all volumes.

Note that the search will look at all text on a page as well as the page title. However, note also that is is an exact search, thus a search for 'ayr' will not include 'ayrshire' in the results.