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Searching the System

It is important to understand how the system is structured in order to search and find information effectively.

1. The core of the system is a database, which holds the name of each place together with summary descriptive information, the co-ordinates of the place, the status of the place (e.g. precise or imprecise) and a link to an associated web page

2. Using Google Fusion, the database can then be viewed (and searched) as a map 

3. The associated web pages hold more extensive textual information as well as any photos, maps and newspaper clippings that we have come across and have been allowed to use 

As a consequence of this structure, there are three separate mechanisms by which the system can be searched, i.e. panning and zooming across the maps, searching and filtering the database, and searching across the associated web pages. These are described in the sub-pages below:

See the following pages for more detailed information on: