This site is dedicated to information on Historical Curling Places.

Initially, this effort was started by David Smith, who trawled through many old archives, annuals and minute books to create a list of Scottish Curling places. This list was turned into a database and via that database into a map - see the Scottish Curling Places page which contains links to both the map and the underlying database. Please have a look at the page containing places we have been unable to find and see if there are any you can identify.

Latterly, this mapping exercise has expanded beyond Scotland, and a database & map for England was created. Subsequently a number of Welsh locations were uncovered, and recently a number of places in Ireland - see the English, Welsh and Irish Curling Places page. 

Both of these activities are 'work in progress', and are continually being improved as more information comes to light.

Update Status:

The Scottish map has been updated on 3rd April with over 60 updates.

The English, Welsh and Irish map has been updated as of 13th April  with 2 new places - Purdysburn (Belfast) and Putney.

For those who would like to dig a little deeper into the underlying information, see the Tips and Hints page.