This site is dedicated to information on Historical Curling Places.

Initially, this effort was started by David Smith, who trawled through many old archives, annuals and minute books to create a list of Scottish Curling places. This list was turned into a database and via that database into a map - see the Scottish Curling Places page which contains links to both the map and the underlying database. Please have a look at the page containing places we have been unable to find and see if there are any you can identify.

Latterly, this mapping exercise has expanded beyond Scotland, and a database & map for England was created. Subsequently a number of Welsh locations were uncovered, and recently a number of places in Ireland - see the English, Welsh and Irish Curling Places page. 

Both of these activities are 'work in progress', and are continually being improved as more information comes to light.

Update Status:

The Scottish map has been updated on 6th May with over 40 updates. Also over 100 newspaper clippings have been added to the subsidiary pages.

The English, Welsh and Irish map has been updated as of 5th May  with 1 new place - Newton.

For those who would like to dig a little deeper into the underlying information, see the Tips and Hints page.