Canadian historical data typing project

Thanks to CMOS, and RealClimate several people have volunteered to help type up historical weather data from early Canadian observers. Click here  for our  table of weather diaries for  Canadian regions.   To volunteer to type in an observer or a part of an observer, or to let us know about other weather diaries not listed  please email :

Once you've volunteered for a section, I'll transfer the files using Dropbox.  This table is still being updated. 

A few very preliminary results can be seen here: notice the gaps!  If you're interested in some examples of climate analysis using historical data, here is some older work.

Volunteers can also visit a discussion page on Google groups for help, tips, and questions and information. Photo galleries of puzzling entries and speculation on possible interpretations are hosted by Rose here.

Example of a typing project:

An example of data typing: here is a page of J.S. McCord's observations for April, 1831,

and here is a spreadsheet of the typed-up data.

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