Historical climate data

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Note: all data files should be able to be downloaded using the right click button on your mouse.  Files are space-delimited ascii text, with missing values denoted as -999.9 (unless I missed some, in which case they should be blank).

In the news:
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AGS interview by Hans von Storch

Recent presentations:
CMOS Montreal 2012

3-Societies (History of Science), read for me by Jennifer Steenshorne),Philadelphia 2012

19th & 20th century:

Canadian circulation indices: western Atlantic, eastern zonal, meridional

European circulation indices: NAO, meridional, cyclonic, zonal

Montreal and Quebec City "St Lawrence Valley" series" (preliminary results)

17th &18th century:

Canadian historical data: Jean-Francois Gaultier

French historical climate data: Paris precipitation data

U.K. historical climate data: Derham  (London) temperature and pressure

European historical climate data: Paris-London circulation index (proxy NAO)