Table Tennis in the US

Considered the world sport, Table Tennis never had the same acceptance in the United States as it did in the rest of the world. Renamed 'Ping Pong' by Parker Brothers in 1902, the game was brought to the United States from Europe by the brothers6.  The name Ping Pong soon become a trademark associated with Parker Brothers, since it is not the name of the actual game. Mr. Parker states, "I guess we made the name 'Ping-Pong' too prominent... Table Tennis is stuck with it". The game itself has sold almost 20 million sets (in 1971). Members of the Table Tennis team have tried to move ping pong out of the home and make it more competitive but they have struggled.  Although there was a surge of interest around ping-pong in the late sixties and early seventies, the game  never really took off 3  .