Abraham Lincoln's Mourning Pin

    This website has been designed to display an item from Hofstra University's Special Collections - University Archives. Abraham Lincoln's Mourning Pin is one of the many items featured in this collection. The pin is from 1865. 
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    The pin is on a piece of acid-free paper enclosed in a mylar cover. The pin itself is composed of multiple fabrics with a framed picture of Abraham Lincoln. The colors of the fabric are mainly black with a hint of white. The white fabric has turned a bit yellow because of age. The backing of the pin is colored with a red, green, white, and black pattern. The part of the pin most eye-catching is the frame surrounding the photo of Lincoln. It stands out mainly because of its shiny golden frame. The photo is a classic picture of Abraham Lincoln. Overall the width of the pin is 2 inches and the height is 3 inches. This pin could easily be worn on a coat or shirt during Lincoln’s funeral.