Winboard is a chess graphic user interface created by Tim Mann, work with Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, 2003, ME, XP and Vista. Winboard show at the screen a chess board with the chess pieces, accept moves with the PC mouse and could save and recover games in the standard PGN format. The Winboard equivalent for Linux is called Xboard.


Winboard y Xboard offers several options for chess, including:

Chess Engines, you can play with your engine against another engine, or could analize a position with the engine. Also you can program an engine vs engine match. All the engines mentioned at the engine list of the Engines chapter which authors are hispanic programmers, could play at the Winboard interface.

Chess sites in Internet, where you can play chess against players of any part of the world, look how other users play and chat with them.

Chess by email. Only using linux version or the program CMail that automates the process of playing the moves in the board that come in the opponent email and also send an email with our move against the adversary.

PGN Viewer. Winboard could be used as viewer and games creator in PGN format (standard chess notation system).

The following link is the Winboard and Xboard site and also Xboard protocol:



Winboard X


Alessandro Scotti modified the source code of the program and added extra options as:

·      select which engines to play, manually or automatically.

·      save and load the evaluation results and search depth at PGN files.

·      allow to paste with Ctrl-V, games and positions.

·      can select different textures for the board squares.

·      could use different chess pieces figures.

·      could open window for the moves list

·      could open a window for the evaluation history

·      could open window to show the engine thinking

·      the moves are signaled by arrows



This is link to the Winboard X page,