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WinMan is a Winboard Utility developed by Alex Guerrero of Mexico.


WinMan is an application that will allow us to install winboard and UCI engines at the Winboard interfaceI and also will allow us to play tournaments between different engines. 
  • Engines operator: you can install, remove and edit winboard and UCI engines. Also you can select an engine for playing against it.
  • Board design: you can change the color of the squares or put textures to them, you can also change the shape of pieces selecting special types of windows chess fonts. The program includes sources and an installer.
  • Tournaments organizer between engines: here you simply choose which engines of the list are going to play, select a classic or incremental time control , the kind of tournament between gaunlent (an engine against each others) or round robin (all against all). Once the tournament starts, you'll see a list of pairings and results achieved so far, you can also change the windows sight and see a ranking  by points and by ELO rating.


Here is a link to the page of Alex,